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Virtual Clinical Studies on Nutrition

Real world, real time nutrition studies deliver better data

Nutritional studies typically require daily tracking of food intake and bodily changes. The goal is often to ensure that a physiological system is maintained at a normal “healthy” level as a result of an intervention. Yet it can be difficult for patients to remember everything they have eaten or experienced over a given period of time. According to study published in American Journal of Epidemiology, a patient is less likely to provide an accurate recall of food consumption after a 24-hr period, leading to recall bias and inaccurate or incomplete data.  

ObvioHealth’s virtual study design, platform and app allows participants to report outcomes from wherever they are. Constant reminders and an open line of communication with the study team mean better compliance, better engagement, and ultimately, better data.

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Infant FGID Treatments and Impact on Parents’ QoL

Parents of infants and toddlers living Thailand were recruited to virtually provide feedback on the frequency of functional gastrointestinal disorders, preferred treatment practices, and impact on QoL.

• 127,431 data points evaluated in real time

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A man consuming a fiber snack bar inside of a gym, post-workout.
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Evaluating Efficacy and Consumer Tolerance of Fiber Snack Bars

A fortune 500 multinational food company wanted to understand clinical efficacy, GI tolerance, and consumer perception of four iterations of its inulin fiber bar. ObvioHealth virtually recruited, randomized, shipped and captured data across 4 samples in record time.

• 85% Questionnaire compliance
• 92% Retention

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Parent Preferences, Effectiveness of Growing Up Milk

1200 parents of toddlers 15 to 36 months of age were recruited for a virtual observational study designed to understand parental preferences on feeding and the effectiveness of a growing up milk formula in supporting the overall health of children.

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Collecting Real-World Data from Mothers of Pre-term and Full-term Infants

A virtual observational study used a chatbot function to generate real-life, in-home data on the differences in diet and eating habits between preterm and full term infants.

• 10 weeks to fill enrollment

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Evaluating Efficacy of a Dietary Supplement on Urinary Symptoms in Men

50+ men with lower urinary tract symptoms were asked to consume the intervention over twelve weeks and record symptomatic changes via digital questionnaires distributed through the ObvioHealth app.
Efficacy was proven, with subjects reporting that the treatment had helped to relieve symptoms of LUTS.

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Curious How to Take Your Nutrition Trial Virtual?

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The Formula to Better Data in your Nutrition Study

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Recruitment & Onboarding

Imagine the costs associated with on-site recruitment: patient recruitment, site retention, and staff employment. Because our studies are virtual, we are not geographically tied to a site location. We are able to find untapped populations, identifying the online behaviors that point to people with a positive pre-disposition for a specific trial.

Once recruited, we enroll participants through virtual prescreening/screening and e-consent. This eliminates the burdensome cost of site retention and staffing requirements, and often shortens the recruitment period.

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Outcomes Measurement

The ObvioHealth platform and app incorporates multiple data capture technologies to adapt to the needs of any given trial.  These include simple survey-type completion of questionnaires and diaries, image, video and audio capture and use of wearables. Complementary data collection methods ensure more robust data based on real world outcomes.

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Logistics Management 

Our platform makes it easy to trigger, track and manage products and payment of incentives. ObvioHealth can reimburse participants with the stipend program that is fully virtual. We ship any needed study supplies or devices directly to the participant’s home.

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Product Adherence & Adverse Events

Our study team monitors real-world data in real time allowing us to see if participants are complying with the protocol and for immediate AE detection and course correction.

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Higher compliance, higher retention, more accurate data

Our easy-to-use, convenient app makes it easier for participants to remain compliant. There is little to no time wasted travelling to clinical sites, so there are fewer drop-outs. All of this means that studies end on time or ahead of schedule. And because participants are able to report more real world and real time experiences, the resulting data is more accurate and reliable.