The Next Generation of eCOA Solutions

Electronic tools are supposed to make clinical outcomes assessments easier. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. To get stronger evidence without the headache, you need ObvioHealth’s next-generation eCOA—a full suite of innovative solutions that will improve the experience for patients and sites alike.

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Purpose-Built Tech with an Expert Support Team

Too often, patients and site staff struggle to use less-than-friendly digital systems. But, ObvioGo's purposefully designed data capture tools, combined with our virtual support team, make eCOA easier for everyone.

The ObvioGo® Platform

Frictionless Outcomes Capture with Streamlined Interfaces

For Patients

  • Seamless sensors and wearables integration captures real-time data.
  • Single-tap answers and scrolling speeds ePRO and eObsRO questionnaire completion.
  • Smart prompts and notifications nudge patients back into compliance.
  • Artificial intelligence guides patients through image and video capture.
  • Patients can capture concomitant medications with less effort.

For Clinicians

  • The ObvioGo platform makes data entry more fluid for site and telehealth teams.
  • Site access to the Study Management module enables the tracking of study tasks during patient visits.
  • AI tools built into the platform help study coordinators identify outlier, erroneous, or missing outcomes data.
  • Live site team dashboards facilitate real-time remote monitoring of patient progress as well as AEs.
  • Passive and active data collection via devices provides richer and more robust data sets.

Tech-Enabled eCOA for More Robust and Accurate Data

In 2017, ObvioHealth capitalized on its deep clinical trial and digital tech experience to launch one of the first-ever DCT platforms with a mobile app. Today, we’re a global industry leader delivering DCTs that generate stronger evidence.


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