ePRO Made Easier

Not all ePRO is created equal. To ensure you get the most accurate outcomes possible, you need ePRO designed by digital experts—and purpose-built for ease.

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Upgrade your trial with ePRO that delivers stronger evidence.


ePRO Compliance


Average rates for ObvioHealth completed studies

What’s Our Secret for Better ePRO?


Easier, less burdensome reporting for participants results in higher compliance.

Real Time, Real Life

Real-time reporting of real-life data delivers more accurate and complete data sets.


More accurate and complete data sets result in better, more reliable outcomes.


Lower dropout rates reduce the sample sizes required to power your study.

Why Our ePRO Stands Out

Today’s ePRO offerings are too often digitized versions of poor traditional assessments. Upgrade your clinical trial with ObvioHealth’s ePRO—purpose-built for digital and designed to deliver better data, faster.


Our BYOD ePRO model integrates seamlessly into patients’ lives, allowing them to report using their own mobile devices.

Intuitive UX

Our patient experience is specifically designed for ease, with user-friendly scales and interactive functions that make data capture quick and intuitive.

Simplified and Notified

Automated alerts, notifications, and reminders are built in to boost compliance, keeping participants engaged from start to finish.

Unlock Data Accuracy with ObvioGo®

Our cloud-based, modular platform and app deliver so much more than just ePRO made easy. ObvioGo streamlines and optimizes data collection, assessment, and management processes to deliver the accuracy you need—and success at every touchpoint.

For Participants

User-friendly questionnaires and diaries make it easy for participants to enter their data at the moment an event occurs.
Multi-media on-demand training, virtual site team support, and near real-time AE and SAE monitoring ensures participant safety while improving compliance.
Passive data captured through integrated devices—from heart rate to temperature, sleep patterns, and mobility—delivers more thorough reporting as well as indicators for quality of life.

For CROs, Sites, and Sponsors

Direct patient reporting reduces data entry errors and source data verification efforts.
Smart integrations and smooth workflows move data into our platform with no friction—so that trial teams can aggregate and analyze data faster.
Dynamic dashboards keep project managers up to speed in near real time.
Automatic system and logic checks speed time to database lock.

eCOA Capabilities that Boost Accuracy and Ease Burden

ePRO Case Study

When older DCT subjects are more compliant than their younger counterparts.

ObvioHealth recently completed the first-ever fully virtual urogynecology study to evaluate a medical digital intravaginal device for female stress urinary incontinence. In this randomized trial, pelvic floor muscle contractions were monitored while subjects were completing at-home Kegel exercises. The wand-like device collected data and wirelessly transferred it to a smartphone app downloaded at the start of the study. While there had been initial concerns that older participants might be intimidated by the technology, the results of the study showed that women aged 65 and older had higher rates of completion versus their younger counterparts.


ePRO Compliance Rate


Of Participants over 65 years of age.