Introducing ObvioGo® 2.0​

An ultra-flexible clinical trials platform that delivers better data, faster.

Current platforms don’t deliver on the full potential of today's complex clinical trials. So, we built ObvioGo.​

Today’s clinical trial technology is often too rigid, with limited ability to adapt to specific study needs. The result is overly complicated trial workflows and frustrating experiences for sites, sponsors, and participants. ​

ObvioGo is built in a no-code environment, giving us tremendous flexibility to design and deploy studies tailored exactly to your needs. Explore the modules below to see how we do it.

5 flexible modules. 1 powerful solution.

Study Design

Accelerate time to launch with drag-and-drop functionality to easily configure, test, and deploy studies.​

Outcomes Capture and Assessment

Capture more accurate data with frictionless eCOA.

Mobile Application

Boost compliance and retention with patient interfaces that engage and motivate.

Study Management

Reduce burden for site teams and empower them to monitor and communicate with trial participants with ease.​

Data Management

Streamline data oversight with more efficient, centralized tools.

Study Design

Design a study in weeks, not months.

  • Easily design and deploy study tasks for the full trial journey: from enrollment, consent, and training, through eCOA and ePRO, to the end of study data management.
  • Quickly implement mid-study changes: test, preview, and optimize study screens and publish to the ObvioGo mobile app for rapid sponsor review. ​
  • Deploy tailored workflows according to the needs of specific sites, countries, and participant populations.​
  • Automate and centralize translations for all digital screens and study content​.

Outcomes Capture and Assessment

Capture better data, faster. ​

  • User-friendly scales, scrolling, and single-tap responses make data capture quick and intuitive. ​
  • Extensive library of validated instruments and pre-configured, commonly-used questionnaires.​​
  • Accessible via BYOD or provisioned devices, and designed for ease. ​​
  • Clinician-reported data captured through telehealth.

Mobile App

Get higher compliance and retention.

  • User-friendly design allows participants to report data on-the-go.​
  • eConsent and on-demand, multimedia training with knowledge checks ensure clear understanding of responsibilities and tasks.​
  • Automated push notifications remind participants when tasks are due.​
  • On-demand video and chat support ensure participants get near real-time answers to their questions.

Study Management

Reduce site burden.

  • Easily tailor workflows to specific site preferences.​
  • Dynamic dashboards provide full visibility into study data and performance​.
  • Alerts to notify the study team of compliance lapses and potential safety issues​.
  • Live chat and video visits makes communication with participants easy.
  • Integrates with sites’ clinical systems​.

Data Management

Accelerate time to database lock.

  • Secure gating with permissions-based functionalities enables sites, labs, and other stakeholders to enter data directly into the platform.​​
  • Real-time data processing with automatic data cleaning, auto-edit checks, and advanced query resolutions reduces time to database lock.
  • Seamless integration with EDC, CTMS, RTSM, and eTMF—as well as EHRs, labs, and imaging—for richer and deeper analyses.​

Why Go with ObvioGo?

Ultra Flexible​

Any study design, any site, anywhere.​


Conduct trials in any left to right language​.


Accelerated time to launch and database lock shrinks timelines​​.

More Robust Data​

Smoother study management and patient reporting delivers higher data integrity. ​

Our Proof​


Medication Adherence


ePRO Compliance




Faster Recruitment


Consented Participants
Average rates for ObvioHealth completed studies (versus industry benchmarks, where applicable)