ObvioGo®: A Powerful DCT Platform that Delivers Stronger Evidence

ObvioGo’s powerful and flexible technology has been designed to capture, integrate, and analyze more accurate multi-source data, empowering clinical science teams to generate stronger therapeutic evidence with ease.

Current platforms don’t deliver on the full potential of DCTs. So we built ObvioGo.

Today’s DCT technology helps to reduce patient burden, but it hasn’t addressed the problems of inaccuracy and the interoperability needed to deliver robust outcomes and endpoints.

ObvioGo’s next-generation DCT platform and mobile app incorporate best-in-class digital instruments, AI, and machine learning with intuitive interfaces and seamless integrations to deliver more robust and reliable clinical outcomes.

5 Seamless Modules. 1 Powerful Solution.

Study Design

Optimize study build and accelerate amendment time.

Outcomes Capture and Assessment

Capture more accurate data with frictionless eCOA.

Mobile Application

Boost compliance and retention with patient interfaces that motivate.

Study Management

Empower study admins to monitor and engage patients with ease.

Data Management

Streamline data oversight with more efficient, centralized tools.

Study Design

Our fully configurable study design tools have modular components that easily adapt to each project’s unique parameters, across therapeutic areas and geographies.

  • Effortlessly configure protocol-specific eConsent, screening, eCOA, and ePRO components.  
  • Test, preview, and publish study screens to the ObvioGo mobile app for sponsor review.
  • Easily implement mid-study change orders with flexibility, empowered by real-time learning.  

Outcomes Capture and Assessment

ObvioGo’s outcomes capture and assessment capabilities include AI-assisted technologies that facilitate the collection of more accurate data from all users.

  • Patients, caregivers, and clinicians easily report outcomes with intuitive eCOA tools. 
  • Integrated sensors and wearables capture vitals remotely and in real time.
  • Image, audio, and video capture facilitates the seamless reporting of symptoms.  

Mobile App

ObvioGo’s BYOD mobile app, designed based on extensive digital behavior insights, seamlessly incorporates study activities into participants' daily lives.

  • eConsent and multi-media training ensure clear understanding of responsibilities and tasks.
  • Gamification and motivational nudges keep participants engaged and compliant.
  • Automated notifications remind participants when tasks are due.
  • On-demand video and chat support ensure participants get near real-time answers to their questions.  

Study Management

ObvioGo’s study management module enables seamless workflows and conversational interfaces that help study teams engage with participants and encourage their compliance.

  • Dynamic recruitment and screening dashboards provide full-funnel visibility.
  • AI-enabled alerts notify the study team of any compliance, data entry, technical, or safety issues.
  • Live text and video chat features facilitate real-time communication and personalized support.  

Data Management

ObvioGo’s cloud native platform securely stores all data, integrates with enterprise clinical research systems, and can be deployed globally, empowering clinical science teams to generate stronger therapeutic evidence.

  • Secure gating with permissions-based functionalities enables sites, labs, and other stakeholders to enter data directly into the platform.
  • Real-time data processing with automatic data cleaning, auto-edit checks, and advanced query resolutions reduces time to database lock.  
  • Seamless integration with EDC, CTMS, RTSM, and eTMF—as well as EHRs, labs, and imaging—enables richer and deeper analyses.