About ObvioHealth

ObvioHealth is a global research organization that helps pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies conduct clinical trials, with an emphasis on minimizing burden for participants by using remote technologies whenever possible.

The ObvioHealth Trial Journey

Clinical trials can be inconvenient for trial participants, often requiring multiple trips to a clinic for evaluation. ObvioHealth’s goal is to limit the time and expense associated with trials by reducing the number of clinic visits required and making study-related tasks easier to complete.

We do this by leveraging our technology.

Instead of requiring that health questions be answered or tasks completed during face-to-face clinic visits, we ask you to download an app onto your smartphone, which allows you to answer some or all questions and complete activities from the comforts of home. We might send study supplies directly to your home. This could be the study drug, a sample collection kit, or even a medical device to measure vital signs and take periodic readings. We might also ask you to attend a telehealth visit—via phone or video call. Study tasks are specific to each trial, and you would be given details about your responsibilities before signing up.

What Participants Like You Have to Say

Your Data Privacy

The privacy and security of the data we collect via our app and devices is carefully regulated and extremely important to us. For information about how we use, share, and protect your data, view our privacy policy.

Clinical Trial FAQs

Will I be paid?

Each study is different, and compensation is dependent upon the requirements of the study. You will learn about compensation for any study as you review the informed consent.

What do I do with unused study product?

If you have any unused study product, you can return this at the end of the study. You will be supplied with a return shipping label.

How do I return study materials?

It is easy to return any study materials. We will supply you with a return label. Simply put the contents in the box, put on the label, and send back as soon as possible after you are done.

What if I have to travel while on the study?

Great news! Our virtual study design enables you to travel – just bring your smartphone and any study products with you. Of course, if you have a lab appointment, you will have to work around this, but our team is happy to assist with scheduling conflicts, etc.

Does it matter where I live?

Not necessarily. In our virtual or ‘site-less’ studies, you can usually live anywhere as remote participation is enabled via the digital app. There are a few of our studies that are geographically limited (hybrid design). However, the majority take place all around the globe.

What if I have an adverse event?

If you experience any changes to your health during the study, this will be captured on the study questionnaires, and you may be contacted by the study team or the study doctor.

Additionally, participants can reach out to a member of the study staff to inquire about health-related concerns. This is helpful in quickly determining the severity of the AE and identifying next steps.

At ObvioHealth, participant safety is our highest priority, but we always recommend you go to your doctor if you feel you need to.

How do I know I received the correct study product?

After completing the shipment verification process within the app, you will receive an immediate notification if the shipment is incorrect. If the shipment is incorrect, ObvioHealth will inform you right away and send the correct shipment to you. You will be instructed how to return the incorrect one.

How do I confirm I received my study materials?

The app will notify you when it is time to receive the product, and when it is likely to arrive. When you receive the study materials, you will complete a shipment verification task within the app by entering any identifying numbers that may be located on the packaging of the investigational product.

What can be collected through the app?

Data derived from questionnaires, text, chatbot, photos, video, voice recordings, etc.

How do you protect my data?

All participant data is anonymized to protect privacy. Access to this data is also restricted to only authorized ObvioHealth clinical staff and is encrypted, password-protected, and controlled per the highest compliance standards.

Can the ObvioHealth app be used on any smartphone?

Yes, you can use your Android or IOS device to download our app on the Google Play or App Store. However, you will need a participant ID number (provided by our staff) to gain full access.

This is a measure to ensure each participant’s information remains safe and secure

What happens after I complete the research study?

After you complete the research study, the study team will answer any questions you may have and get your feedback on your overall experience during the study.

As an ObvioHealth research study participant, you will have access to educational content and future research opportunities. After the study, participants should continue to see their local primary doctor or healthcare provider for routine medical care.

What if I want to leave a research study?

You are under no obligation to complete a research study or give a reason why you’re leaving one. Although we do our best to make our research studies as easy as possible for you to take part in, we understand that there are many reasons why finishing may not be possible.

Your safety comes first, and we will never compromise your health or mental well-being. You will be kept abreast of health-related concerns and can leave a research study at any time for any reason.

What is the electronic informed consent?

The electronic informed consent is a document explaining everything about the study, what you will be required to do, and what your compensation will be. When you sign the document, you are confirming you understand the study and all procedures.

We are committed to transparency in our research and will never rush you to complete the electronic informed consent process. We will be available to answer any questions and address any concerns you may have, as we genuinely want you to understand precisely what’s required of your participation before making a decision.

How long is a research study?

The duration of a research study will vary depending on the protocol. Research studies are designed by a team of expert scientists, physicians, and statisticians. When you learn about a research study, you will be informed about the time commitment needed before you consent to participate.

Our team understands the problematic nature of juggling work, family, and involvement in a clinical research study. Our trials are designed to create little-to-no disruption to your daily life, enabling participation without sacrificing time allotted to other areas of your routine.

Will taking part in a research study cost me anything?

There is no cost to participate, and some research studies may offer reimbursement for your time and effort.

This will vary depending on the research study and is clearly described during the informed consent process.

Keep in mind that ObvioHealth’s research studies are designed to alleviate the burden placed on the participant. This means minimized travel requirements, easy-to-understand study activities, and the ability to communicate with our study staff regardless of time or location. All this from an app downloaded to your smartphone or tablet.

Can I tell my doctor? Will my doctor get involved?

You can (and should) share information about the research study with your primary care doctor or another healthcare provider, such as a specialist. We encourage you to do so, especially if this is someone you know well and trust.

Your doctor can be an additional resource when you are first learning about a research study and have many questions that need answering. Rest assured, you can continue to see your doctor throughout the research study for routine visits and tests. Our research study team is available to speak with both you and your doctor if there are any concerns or questions. For example, we can quickly pinpoint health-related concerns in real-time and promptly share our findings with your doctor, should you allow us.

Working together helps to ensure that you are fully supported for your health needs.

Can I talk to other people about the research study?

We understand that talking about your experience is an integral part of feeling supported. You may speak with your family, friends, or doctor about your potential participation in the research study. We also have a talented team of doctors, researchers, and coordinators who are happy to address your questions and concerns. Our staff has accumulated a vast amount of experience in managing research studies in various therapeutic areas. Chances are we’ve answered questions like those you may have and can confidently help you navigate the decision to join a clinical research study.

What does a typical research study look like?

Volunteers are part of the next wave of world-class science and can influence the future of medicine. Advances in research have allowed people to get personalized cancer treatments, be vaccinated for polio, manage their diabetes, and countless other developments — and these breakthroughs wouldn’t be possible without volunteers. People volunteer to:

• Help others by contributing to medical knowledge

• Get more involved in their health care and learn about their condition

• Get access to new or different treatments-Join a community and get support

There is no guarantee that a research study will help your condition, but the results will contribute to knowledge that may make a difference in the future care of patients. Your contribution could provide researchers the data needed to prove the effectiveness of potentially life-saving treatment options. When scientists understand how a treatment works among a diverse population, the more likely the treatment is eventually made available to those who need it most.

What does a typical research study look like?

Research studies help determine whether new treatments are safe and effective. Research participants make it all possible. Participants may receive specific interventions — which may be investigational medications, devices, or procedures — according to a research plan (referred to as a protocol) developed by the scientists and doctors involved in the research. Research studies may compare a new medical approach to a standard one that is already available, to a placebo that contains no active investigational medication, or to no intervention at all. These elements vary depending on the research study, and the research study team will discuss these in detail before you agree to participate. With participant safety top of mind, governing bodies have established rules to ensure that research studies are conducted as safely and ethically possible to keep participants protected. Our proprietary digital platform minimizes required visits to a lab or research facility, thereby reducing physical contact between the study staff and yourself. This is an added benefit of our clinical trial design, which prioritizes participant safety by diminishing risk for all involved. By facilitating recruitment and enrollment (filling the study) through our digital app, participants have constant contact with a member of the research staff from the moment they express interest in a study. This allows participants to ask questions and resolve potential concerns without the need to directly contact or visit a doctor’s office, ultimately streamlining communications.