Real-Time Remote Patient Monitoring

For Safer Trials and More Accurate Data

ObvioHealth’s remote patient monitoring (RPM) solution combines more accurate data capture with real-time monitoring and tracking. The result is the immediate detection of potential AEs and compliance lapses—all while reducing patient and study team burden.

Frictionless Data Capture Monitored in Near Real Time

ObvioHealth’s RPM solution combines easy data capture with near real-time monitoring. As the data is captured, it flows automatically into our ObvioGo® platform where it can be tracked by our COACH (Clinical Oversight And Coordination Hub) or site-based study team via live dashboards.

Frictionless Data Capture

Intuitive mobile technologies allow you to easily capture continuous and point-in-time data from patients—without creating extra burden.

Real-Time Monitoring

Site teams—COACH or other—monitor patient data on ObvioGo dashboards, assisted by alerts on data outliers, lapses in compliance or possible adverse events.

Tech That Makes Data Capture Simple

ObvioGo’s intuitive mobile technology simplifies data capture. The result is more accurate, real-time data for your study.

Sensors and Wearables

ObvioGo seamlessly integrates with most medical-grade sensors and 300+ consumer wearables to collect real-time, point-in-time, or continuous data.


ObvioGo offers a full suite of eCOA capabilities, including BYOD ePRO and intuitive data capture capabilities for clinicians and caregivers.

Image, Video, and Audio

AI-assisted image, video, and audio capture capabilities make it easier for participants or their caregivers to record and submit the required outcome with just a couple of taps on their mobile devices.

Our Team Ensures Safety and Compliance

ObvioGo’s Study Management module detects and surfaces any possible erroneous or missing data—so your study can stay on track.


Our virtual site—or COACH—team functions similarly to a site-based support team: They receive protocol-specific training and can call, text, or video chat with patients if the need arises. In turn, patients can access their COACH team at any time from any screen in the app.

Monitoring for Patient Compliance

ObvioGo alerts to possible compliance lapses so the study team can encourage the participant to reengage. Additionally, the team can look for trends in compliance and recommend protocol changes based on their observations.

Immediate AE Detection

ObvioGo immediately notifies the COACH or site-based study team to potential adverse events so proper actions can be taken quickly.

Monitoring Patients Remotely Using Digital Devices

When patients in a COVID-19 interventional study were experiencing symptoms, the sponsor recognized that site and clinic visits would be a nuisance and also expose healthcare staff to the virus. ObvioHealth designed and executed the study using a unique combination of home health visits, ePRO, and sensors and wearables. Data was captured and monitored in real time by our COACH team.

“Because we were following participants daily over the course of a couple of months, and specifically people with symptomatic COVID, I’m confident in saying that data collection of this magnitude would not have been possible for a standard, in-person trial.”
-Kiara Buccellato, Project Manager