Streamlined Logistics for Your DCT

Legacy RTSM systems aren’t adapted to a decentralized approach. To run a successful study on time and on budget, you need a truly integrated trial logistics solution—one that’s powered by tech and purpose-built for today’s DCTs.

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Unlock the Full Potential of Your DCT

ObvioHealth’s randomization and trial logistics solution replaces legacy RTSM systems with integrations and efficiencies built in at every touchpoint—so you can unlock the full potential of your DCT.

True Integration

Unify and streamline DCT logistics processes with the powerful integration capabilities of ObvioGo®.

Full Visibility

Course correct quickly and easily with real-time visibility into logistics and workflow progression.

Patient-Friendly App and Support

Minimize patients’ logistical burden with our fully integrated ObvioGo app and on-demand COACH team support.

Seamless Tracking

Track patient appointments, study supply shipments, and compensation seamlessly via the ObvioGo platform and app.

Smooth Operations for Successful DCTs

Powered by the ObvioGo platform and app, our centralized processes, integration capabilities, and in-house experts deliver the flexibility DCT sponsors need, facilitating smooth operations from end to end.


Prevent bias and seamlessly execute randomization and blinding—no matter how simple or complex your study design.

  • Automated randomizations can be selected in the study design module to suit protocol specifications.
  • Randomization schema are created and tested in house by our expert biostatisticians to ensure integrity.
  • Patients are assigned to randomization codes associated with their group, blinding study team members to remove risk of bias.

Trial Supply Management

Eliminate inefficiency with seamless trial supply management processes that are triggered and tracked from start to finish.

  • ObvioGo’s operational workflows and near real-time dashboards are triggered to automatically initiate shipment and tracking.
  • Seamless integrations allow patients to track the progress of their delivery and confirm the receipt of their shipments directly within the ObvioGo app.
  • Return, storage, and destruction of trial supplies are seamlessly coordinated with third-party vendors as needed.

Compensation Management

Improve the patient experience with our globally capable, easily trackable, and fully virtual participant compensation program.

  • The payment system is available to participants anywhere in the world via gift vouchers in local currencies.
  • Patients can view their progress relative to milestones and compensation eligibility in real time in the ObvioGo app.
  • Centralized management facilitates a traceable process for every touchpoint, ensuring regulatory compliance.