Virtual Site Team

Humanize your DCT to boost engagement.

Even the most innovative technology isn’t enough to keep participants engaged: They need a connection to the study that only real humans can offer. That’s where ObvioHealth’s COACH (Clinical Oversight and Coordination Hub) team comes in—providing end-to-end support at the click of a button.

Real Humans, Real Results


Medication Adherence


ePRO Compliance




Faster Recruitment


Consented Participants
Average rates for ObvioHealth completed studies (versus industry benchmarks, where applicable)

Our Differentiator: End-to-End, Personalized Support

Our COACH team operates the same way any traditional site team does—just remotely and with better tools—providing end-to-end, personalized support that keeps patients motivated, engaged, and empowered to deliver the high-quality evidence you need.

Human Connection, Powered by Tech

The integrated technologies of our ObvioGo® platform and app close the distance between the COACH team and participants, facilitating a patient experience that is more personalized but equally more efficient.

Study-Specific Team

COACH team members are assigned individually to a fixed number of studies, allowing them to develop protocol-specific expertise and provide personalized support to patients who are better informed and thus more likely to comply and complete.

Always Available

Patients can easily access their COACH team members via intuitive app features they are already familiar with. This seamless pathway to on-demand support fosters a connection to the study that only the “human element” can provide, encouraging engagement from start to finish.


Our COACH team is augmented by the ObvioGo platform’s remote patient monitoring and AI-assisted technologies, allowing them to quickly detect any lapses in compliance or potential adverse events—so they can help get patients back on track while also ensuring their safety.

So much more than a help desk.

The COACH team works in tandem with our suite of intuitive patient engagement tools—providing one-on-one televisits and on-demand support that motivates participation and encourages engagement. The result? Higher compliance and retention rates for patients who deliver better, more accurate data.


The COACH team includes a registered nurse and a physician who conduct health screenings and virtual site visits with patients.

Shipment Tracking

The COACH team monitors shipments and communicates with patients to ensure they receive the correct study product.

Accompanied eConsent

During onboarding, the COACH team can guide patients through the consent process via phone or video calls and confirm their reasonable understanding of the protocol.

Live Messaging

At any time, patients can access the COACH team with the click of a button using mediums they prefer.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Our RPM technology allows the team to closely monitor patient data and engagement in near real time.

Automatic Flagging of Data Outliers

The ObvioGo platform augments the COACH team by automatically flagging data outliers as potential adverse events.

COACH (Clinical Oversight and Coordination Hub)

Real-Time, Personalized Support

ObvioHealth’s dedicated COACH team is available in real time to assist site staff and patients throughout the trial journey.

For Patients

  • COACH team members are trained to your specific protocol and are available via text, video, phone, and email to respond to patient questions.

For Clinicians

  • ObvioHealth’s COACH team offers support to overburdened site teams.
  • At study start up, we train site staff on the platform and on each specific protocol.
  • We troubleshoot any technical issues that may arise.
  • We can also manage patient admin so site staff can focus on face-to-face visits.

Successful Virtual Clinical Trial in Urogynecology with Strong Patient Engagement

Renovia, Inc. needed to find a way to engage an older population of patients remotely using digital tools in a COVID-19 setting. The company turned to ObvioHealth for a patient engagement solution that was designed to support their population throughout and deliver high retention and ePRO compliance.


ePRO Compliance



“We knew we needed to make the study easy for our patients. We had the added stress of launching this trial at the height of the pandemic. ObvioHealth's virtual site delivered the support we needed for our patients…”

Robin Sutherland
SVP of Clinical Operations at Renovia, Inc.