Effective Digital Recruitment Powered by Real-Time Metrics

Don’t settle for inefficient recruitment and screening processes that delay studies and drive up costs. ObvioHealth’s patient-centric recruitment, powered by real-time metrics, delivers the cohorts you need to get higher quality evidence—faster.

Your Recruitment Success Starts Here

ObvioHealth delivers faster, more precise recruitment and screening with full-funnel, real-time tracking and patient-centric methodologies. The result? The best possible patient population for your study, on time and on budget.


Patient-centric design gets participants through the recruitment funnel faster.


Digital targeting and creative assets reach and convert precise populations.


Full-funnel visibility allows teams to identify problem areas and quickly course correct.

Milestone-Based Pricing

Our pay-per-consent approach ensures sponsors pay only for tangible results, not marketing activity.


Broader reach reduces population skews and biases, making trials more inclusive.

How We Fill Studies Faster

Despite an influx of digital solutions, recruitment and screening remain the #1 pain point for sponsors conducting clinical trials. Why? Because these processes—both traditional and digital—are plagued by inefficient processes and lack of patient insight. So, we found a better way.

“I can’t find patients to fill my study.”
Targeted messaging on the right channels.

We understand the digital behaviors and insights of your ideal participants. This translates into more clicks on more relevant digital ads and a larger pool of potential patients to fill your pipeline.

“My patients are dropping out.”
Real-time clarity for actionable insights.

Full-funnel visibility facilitated by real-time data allows us to pinpoint where in the process patients are dropping out and why, enabling rapid course correction.

Get More Qualified Candidates with Precision Targeting

Effective recruitment and screening starts with patient centricity. ObvioHealth understands the digital behaviors that drive prospective patients to click on recruitment ads. Once they click, patients are guided seamlessly through the funnel, delivering you more qualified candidates—faster.  

Multiple Channels

Precision targeting is used to place ads where your participant pool is most receptive—Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest, and more—to broaden the target pool.

Targeted Content

Engaging, targeted content—based on a true understanding of patient cohorts and tailored for each medium—attracts more prospective patients.

Seamless Process

Recruitment pathways are digitized, trackable, and automated: From first ad click to eConsent, each step in the process is designed to be frictionless. Our COACH (Clinical Oversight and Coordination Hub) team is also available on demand to provide support throughout.

Real-Time Visibility Keeps the Recruitment Funnel Flowing

Don’t waste time and money on tactics that aren’t working. Our full-funnel tracking and real-time recruitment metrics bring roadblocks immediately to light—so you can identify issues, determine the causes, and quickly address them.

Full-Funnel Tracking

Sponsors and study teams can view dashboards, complete with automated status changes, to see in near real time how recruitment is progressing—from initial point of contact through screening to completion.

Identification and Interrogation of Roadblocks

Real-time metrics reveal which target cohorts are meeting objectives and which may be falling behind or dropping out. Study managers can quickly identify and interrogate roadblocks.

Quick Course Correction

Our feedback loop allows teams to quickly collaborate and course-correct inclusion or exclusion criteria, messaging, or recruitment channels based on insights gathered.

Recruitment Statistics that Speak for Themselves

5 Weeks

To recruit 800 subjects across 8 countries
in a recent respiratory study.


Black cohort enrolled
in a hypertension study.


More cost-efficient recruitment
in a recent women's health study.


Participants recruited from 48 states in 24 days
in a GI study.

Average rates for ObvioHealth completed studies (versus industry benchmarks, where applicable)