Measure What Matters with ObvioHealth

ObvioHealth uses its scientific rigor and digital expertise to help you design and execute decentralized clinical trials that measure what matters. The result is stronger efficacy and safety evidence for your therapeutic.

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3 Solutions to Help You Measure What Matters

Our optimized methodology removes signal from noise and turns friction into flow, delivering the robust outcomes you need.

Smart Study Design

Our tech and clinical teams work together to design a study that delivers stronger evidence.

Scientific Expertise

We work with sponsors to interrogate protocols, ensuring the study is designed to have the greatest therapeutic impact on patients in the real world.

Digital Strategy

Technology is an afterthought in too many protocols. Not at ObvioHealth, where our DCT strategists leverage technology to minimize patient burden and deliver robust outcomes.

User-Friendly Data Capture

Our ObvioGo® platform and mobile app incorporate best-in-class digital instruments, AI, and machine learning, with user-friendly interfaces and seamless integrations to deliver better data.  


ObvioHealth’s ePRO is designed by digital experts. It’s purpose-built for ease, enabling the capture of data while patients are on the go. This makes it easier for participants to report health events in real time—without having to wait until their next site visit.

Bring your own device model

allows patients use their own smartphones.

Single-tap responses and scrolling

reduce friction to boost compliance.

Push notifications

remind participants to complete tasks.


motivates and encourages participation.

Augmented ePRO

What happens within the four walls of a clinic doesn’t always translate to the real world. Incorporating data capture into the daily lives of patients can translate to more accurate, robust data.

Automatic blur and lighting assistance

results in better photos.

Seamless acoustic data capture

records cries, coughs, speech, and more.

AI-enabled flagging

identifies discrepancies in rater scores.

Sensors and Wearables

ObvioGo seamlessly integrates with most wearable devices for continuous and passive data capture as patients go about their lives. This enables the capture of more sensitive, objective data that can reveal trends or data spikes and dips that might otherwise be missed.

Capture 20+ symptoms and vital signs

from the comfort of home.

4 device integration options

including Bluetooth and deep linking.

Safe and Accurate Study Management

Safety always matters, and it must be monitored closely. The ObvioGo platform streamlines workflows, enabling the study team to track data easily and immediately respond to potential adverse events.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Data captured remotely flows automatically into our ObvioGo platform, where it is populated on dashboards for real-time monitoring.

  • Monitoring by AI and real humans
  • Immediate detection of possible AEs and compliance lapses
  • Automatic edit checks
  • Trend identification, detection in dips and/or spikes

Virtual Site Team

ObvioHealth’s Clinical Oversight And Coordination Hub (COACH) team provides the human connection patients need and expect. Our COACH team is readily available for personalized support at any point throughout the study.

  • Accessible via every screen on the ObvioGo app.
  • Study-specific for protocol-relevant expertise.
  • Accompanied eConsent, televisits

The Measure What Matters Result

When you measure what matters in your clinical trial, your participants are more likely to be engaged, ultimately leading to stronger evidence for your therapeutic.


ePRO Compliance


Average rates for ObvioHealth completed studies.

Trial Successes

Satisfied Sponsors

"ObvioHealth has brought their deep clinical expertise and growing DCT capabilities to bear on our projects— always emphasizing a solution-based approach. Their learning agility, customer focus, and transparency make it easier to address nascent project challenges. The Obvio team is readily accessible, and they willingly share their knowledge. This has been a true win-win partnership."

Dennis Joseph
Head of Clinical Development

“We knew we needed to make the study easy for our patients. We had the added stress of launching this trial at the height of the pandemic. ObvioHealth's virtual site delivered the support we needed for our patients, and their clinical science team provided expertise without the rigidity of a large CRO."

Robin Sutherland
VP, Clinical Operations

"They've worked very hard and very diligently to incorporate all the inputs from different devices into a single database and making sure all of the pieces work. I feel very comfortable recommending ObvioHealth."

Terry Plasse
Medical Director

Serving as a trusted resource for industry leaders.