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Your DCT Expert for Clinical Trials in Europe

EU Regulatory Expertise. GDPR Compliance. Multinational Capabilities.

Decentralised clinical trials are transforming the clinical research industry. But, with change comes new questions and uncertainties for trial sponsors like you—especially in Europe, where regulatory bodies differ on acceptance. As a full-service clinical research partner, ObvioHealth has successfully conducted both fully virtual and hybrid studies in many EU countries. Let us equip you with answers you need so you can make smart decisions about your trial design.

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European Clinical Trial Specialists

EU Regulatory Expertise

GDPR Compliant

Multinational Capabilities

EU Regulatory Expertise

Deciding which elements should be virtual and which should remain traditional depends on your study endpoints and local regulatory bodies. Our goal is to help you identify touchpoints that can be enhanced with decentralised solutions.  We work with our sponsors to begin discussions with ethics committees as early as possible in the study design process.

GDPR Compliant

Your DCT partner must protect patient data. Not only is ObvioHealth GDPR compliant, but our platform has also been developed to meet the security controls and requirements of the most demanding pharmaceutical clients.

Our tech security team has completed thorough new vendor audits for several of our multinational clients. We also took part in a comprehensive due diligence process with IQVIA prior to our partnership.  

Multinational Capabilities

We have worked with ethics committees to design studies in a multitude of European countries, including those highlighted in the image to the right. We also translate all study materials into the regions' native languages to ensure participant ease, understanding, and compliance.




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Stats Don’t Lie

Our Tech & Team drive higher retention, compliance, and adherence rates for trials that are more likely to be completed on time and on budget.

Percent Retention Rate

ePRO Compliance

Not sure which elements of your trial to decentralise?

Ann-Marie is our EU expert. 

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Pioneering Technology Designed for the Real World

We know that capturing quality outcomes and effectively monitoring the safety of a clinical trial requires more than traditional ePRO solutions can offer. Our clinically focused technology platform reduces friction in outcomes capture, reduces patient burden, and leads to more reliable endpoints.

Our app walks patients through the clinical trial process step by step. From enrollment and eConsent to patient training and study questionnaires, our user experience makes participation easy. User-friendly questionnaires and diaries with smoother navigation make it easy for patients to enter their data at the moment an event occurs. At the push of a button, they can capture the duration, frequency, and intensity of a symptom.

Our purpose-built app and platform incorporates a modular design that enables us to more easily adapt to each project’s parameters. We have structured the platform to provide a range of options for each step in the trial journey. Our experienced team can help you to choose and assemble the components in the best way to fit the needs of your trial. Because these options are preconfigured, the need for customized programming can be reduced, or even eliminated, with positive impacts on both timing and budget.

An study dashboard scrolling through graphs displaying a patient's vitals.

Once all the data has been captured, ObvioHealth’s end-to-end capabilities store everything in a single system. Data is displayed in real time on easy-to-read dashboards that can be viewed by the study staff and the sponsor. These dashboards also immediately alert the study staff to possible adverse events and lapses in compliance. Because our data is all in one place and minimal data cleaning is needed at the end of a study, our average time between LPO and database lock is 7 to 10 business days.

Not sure which elements of your trial to decentralise?

Ann-Marie is our EU expert. 

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Choose ObvioHealth Because Experience Matters

At ObvioHealth, we believe experience is key. We have developed and validated 250 ePRO/PRO solutions across various therapeutic areas, leading to successful outcomes and endpoints.

Client Roster

Since the start, 7 of our 21 clients have given us repeat business—the greatest proof of satisfaction.

40+ Studies in 28 Countries

ObvioHealth is truly a global organisation. We have run trials in 28 countries across 5 continents.

17 Therapeutic Areas

Over the past 5 years, we have worked across 17 therapeutic areas, enabling us to gain powerful insights into how to adapt decentralised trials to specific protocols.

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Our European Partners

ObvioHealth is IQVIA’s strategic partner, collaborating on consumer health projects to deliver virtual, real-world studies.

The partnership unites ObvioHealth’s DCT platform with Dedalus’s EHR software solutions, providing meta-data insights from patient records for prognostic and predictive analysis. This results in better study designs and more precise recruitment.

Case Studies

Case Study #1

Post-Market Clinical Follow-Up Studies in 5 European Countries

ObvioHelath and older decentralized clinical trial subjects

A multi-national pharmaceutical company required clinical data to validate the safety and performance of five of its nasal spray allergy products post CE-mark, in accordance with MDR 2017/745 Annex XIV Part B.

ObvioHealth designed and conducted all five of these post-market clinical follow-up studies, which were successfully executed in multiple countries across Europe. All study materials were translated into the primary languages spoken in each study’s location.

Digital recruitment for all five studies was designed to target a population that had used the nasal spray products in the past six months.  

Each study called for participants to complete questionnaires, which were designed to be simple and intuitive to keep compliance rates high. This also allowed for participants to report any adverse events or side effects experienced from using the product. 

The Results
Recruitment goals for each of these studies were met far earlier than projected, with LPO dates occurring an average of 64 days ahead of those originally proposed. As a result, the studies reached completion before their targeted end dates, meeting an average duration of 48 days.

The sponsor was able to gain valuable insights into participant use and satisfaction with the product.  

Case Study #2

Studying the Efficacy of a Medical Device on Urinary Incontinence

Pelvic floor muscle training (PFMT), or "Kegel" exercises, is considered the most effective, non-invasive treatment for stress urinary incontinence and stress predominant mixed urinary incontinence. However, more than 75 percent of women perform PFMT exercises incorrectly, even with verbal or written instructions.

ObvioHelath and older decentralized clinical trial subjects

Evaluate the efficacy of a Class II digital therapeutic device compared to standard care of PFM exercises to treat SUI/SMUI.

The first fully virtual study to be run in the urogynecology space, this prospective, randomized controlled study recruited participants via digital media targeting and signed them via electronic informed consent (eIC) using the ObvioHealth app to complete enrollment. Instruction material (video plus explanatory placard) was provided for the Kegel group; those in the treatment arm performed PFMT with the device's assistance.

Patients answered validated questionnaires via the app to assess changes in health outcomes. Exercise adherence, patient perceptions and AEs/SAEs were  monitored regularly via the app and visualized on  live platform dashboards by our COACH (Clinical Operations And Coordination Hub) team.

There were no required office visits in this study. Upon randomisation, subjects received three scheduled phone calls from the COACH team for education on PFMT exercises. For the remainder of the study, patients received additional phone calls regarding the treatment plan and safety monitoring.

The Results
Recruitment was completed with 350 participants enrolling in the trial in just 3.5 months.

Regular interactions with our COACH team engaged and encouraged patients throughout the study, resulting in an 89% retention rate and an 95% ePRO compliance rate.

The study delivered statistically significant results for the device versus control Kegel groups for both of primary outcomes.

We would not have had this outcome without it being a virtual study. In contrast, I was running an FI study and drop off was dramatic. We probably completed 60%.
Robin Sutherland, VP of Clinical Operations

Not sure which elements of your trial to decentralise?

Ann-Marie is our EU expert. 

Talk to Ann-Marie