Digital Clinical Trials Deliver Stronger Evidence

ObvioHealth is a global digital clinical trials company accelerating the delivery of stronger evidence. We design, deploy, and deliver digital clinical trials with operational excellence. The result is more accurate data for trial sponsors and a better experience for both participants and sites.

ObvioHealth: Digital in Practice

There’s a big difference between digital in theory and digital in practice. 

Digital in theory promises excellence—but fails when it comes time to operationalize.

Digital in practice starts way before a protocol is written and goes all the way through submission for regulatory approval. 

It understands how patients and sites really behave.

It removes friction, burden, and noise from systems.

It anticipates, listens, and—more often than not—corrects errors.

And, it integrates. Really. 

The ObvioHealth Winning Formula

ObvioHealth’s unique model combines best-practice clinical science with a flexible digital platform and an expert virtual site team. This winning formula enables us to digitally optimize protocols, efficiently design studies, and then smoothly run them from end to end to deliver the robust therapeutic evidence sponsors need.

1. Clinical Science Team

Our clinical science experts identify digital endpoints that matter to, and simplify, patients’ lives. More strategic protocol and endpoint selection helps sponsors to achieve more robust outcomes.

2. ObvioGo® Digital Platform and App  

No-code study design functionalities let sponsors see exactly how patients will experience the study and allows them to iterate with our implementation team, resulting in smoother patient journeys that make enrollment and compliance easier.

3. Virtual Site Team

Our COACH team engages with participants every step of the way: scheduling site visits, conducting televisits, and providing on-demand, personalized support.

Our Proof

"ObvioHealth has brought their deep clinical expertise and growing DCT capabilities to bear on our projects— always emphasizing a solution-based approach. Their learning agility, customer focus, and transparency make it easier to address nascent project challenges. The Obvio team is readily accessible, and they willingly share their knowledge. This has been a true win-win partnership."

Dennis Joseph
Head of Clinical Development

“We knew we needed to make the study easy for our patients. We had the added stress of launching this trial at the height of the pandemic. ObvioHealth's virtual site delivered the support we needed for our patients, and their clinical science team provided expertise without the rigidity of a large CRO."

Robin Sutherland
VP Clinical Operations

"They've worked very hard and very diligently to incorporate all the inputs from different devices into a single database and making sure all of the pieces work. I feel very comfortable recommending ObvioHealth."

Terry Plasse
Medical Director


Medication Adherence


ePRO Compliance




Faster Recruitment


Consented Participants
Average rates for ObvioHealth completed studies (versus industry benchmarks, where applicable)

The Future of Clinical Trials is Here

Cutting-Edge Solutions for Stronger Outcomes

Our innovative solutions tackle the inaccuracy and inefficiency in legacy tools, enabling more precise and accessible measurement.


ObvioGo’s purposefully designed data capture tools and  frictionless UX—combined with support from our virtual site team—make ePRO/eCOA easier for everyone.

Devices and Integrations

We strategically select and integrate the best devices to capture vitals, signals, and symptoms to radically improve the quality of your trial outcomes.

Patient Engagement Suite

Our intuitive mobile app, easy data capture, and always-available virtual site team come together to create a better patient experience.

Breakthrough Studies with Pioneering Clients

Co-creating the future of clinical trials with these industry leaders.