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Step 2:

Recruitment & Prescreening

Fully recruited studies up to 4x faster

ObvioHealth’s approach to recruitment is multipronged and digitally led. Because we do not depend on sites or doctor referrals to recruit for our studies, geographic boundaries evaporate, providing us with a much broader pool of potential participants to meet inclusion and exclusion criteria.  We leverage the right tools for the right population at the right moment.  

​ObvioHealth can manage your recruitment campaign from start to finish. We provide channel and messaging recommendations, establish budgets and timelines, design the ads, launch and track recruitment progress, and are able to quickly adapt our strategy to optimize budgets, targeting and messaging in the event that certain samples are under-performing.

A phone mockup of a Facebook ad asking if you suffer migraines.

Our Process

Precision Targeting + Dynamic Prescreening

Our recruitment method uses digital advertising to target messages to specific populations, engaging them in the places where they are most receptive. When people see and click on a relevant ad, they are funneled to a study-specific landing page containing details about the parameters of the study, the benefits and risks of participating and financial compensation.

Interested subjects then easily fill in and submit an on-line prescreening questionnaire. Potential participants will know in a matter of minutes whether they have pre-qualified for a study.

Real-Time Recruitment Dashboards

Backend data dashboards provide live metrics on recruitment, displaying  whole funnel visibility and real time metrics. For example, a sponsor that is looking for an even mix of racial and ethnic backgrounds can easily see how each racial cohort is performing. When one ethnicity fills up too quickly, we can pivot our targeting methods to even out totals.

Real time visibility also allows us to see where there are leaks in the funnel. We can quickly determine if and where participants are commonly dropping out and deploy support to engage and help participants through the recruitment and enrollment process.

An example of what a customized study dashboard may look like for an ObvioHealth client (on tablet).

Our Recruitment Team

We work hand-in-hand with our sister company, a team of performance marketers and digital natives able to recruit qualified participants more quickly and cost effectively than anyone in the business.  Our deep expertise in the use of social media and digital advertising enables us to reach participants more efficiently with ads that are more relevant and our research expertise walks them smoothly through the prescreening process by asking simple to understand questions.

List and/or site-specific recruitment

We can also, when needed, recruit from specific lists or collaborate with sites to supplement their recruitment and/or refer recruited patients to the sites for enrollment.

The Results

More qualified candidates per ad dollar spent

A person’s on-line profile is not necessarily indicative of his/her health issues and priorities. Our team has developed a recruitment methodology that goes beyond the obvious patient-communities and advertising hot-spots to incorporate the relevant attributes and online behaviors pointing to a positive pre-disposition for a given trial. Our creatively strategic ads are also significantly more likely to convert relevant sample because their messaging taps into the right insights for each target. This explains how we are able to recruit studies up to 4x more quickly than traditional sites.

More Inclusive

Many people are unaware of clinical trials that might suit them. Sites tend to compete with one another, fishing for subjects from the same pool. And many people don’t live near a site, which is why even prior to COVID, 85 percent of all clinical trials failed to reach the enrollment target. By eliminating geographic boundaries, ObvioHealth gives access clinical trial access to people who would otherwise not be solicited: those who live too far from a lab or clinic and aren’t registered in a patient catalog but may be suffering silently with a disease. Given the chronic problem with under-representation of minorities and specific demographics in trials, virtual recruitment is an important step to breaking down these barriers.