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Step 6:

Medical Assessment & Clinical Oversight  

Easy Access to Healthcare Providers

Certain studies require intervention from a healthcare provider as part of the protocol. ObvioHealth's app makes it easy for participants to connect with HCPs. They can schedule required appointments, whether they are on-site, telehealth or home health visits directly through the ObvioHealth app.

The data within our app is constantly monitored by the study investigator for potential issues, such as medication adherence or an adverse event. This allows us to immediately contact the participant to provide support.

An image framed in organic shapes.  The Image shows a home nurse taking the blood pressure of and older man.

In-app Scheduling of Site, Lab and Imaging Appointments

The ObvioHealth app facilitates scheduling of any visits with medical professionals via telehealth as well as labs or imaging networks.  Appointments are integrated into the app's calendar and proactive reminders sent to confirm appointments

Home Visits & Telehealth Visits

When study protocols require professional medical assessments, the goal should be to make the process as easy as possible for the patient. In some studies, research-trained home healthcare nurses can conduct procedures ranging from simple blood-draws to PCR swab tests or complex intravenous drug administration, -- enabled by technologies that can be used from the patient’s home.

‍In other cases, telehealth visits may be appropriate. ObvioHealth’s unified platform enables easy and convenient HIPAA and Part 11-compliant telemedicine visits  with study participants.

Real-time adverse events monitoring and reporting

An important advantage of ObvioHealth’s app is the real time monitoring of medication adherence and potential AE’s and SAE’s. Patients enter their data as they complete an activity, enabling us to track compliance with investigational drugs and send an alert or call the patient if they have missed 1 or more doses. Our escalating system of reminders has proven to significantly improve medication adherence.

In a traditional trial setting, a participant leaves the  office and many times, the adverse event only comes to light on their next visit. With the ObvioHealth app, patients respond to a daily question to determine whether anything in their medical status has changed. If affirmative, the system asks further questions to capture the scope of the issue. Our virtual clinical study team then  follow up with the person via email, phone call, or chat to determine whether an adverse event occurred and create an electronic case report. We use MedDra to code each event in the back end. We can also export AE/SAE data to sponsor databases.