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Step 4:

Logistics Management

Reliable & Trackable Logistics

Getting the logistics right is a critical mission for a decentralized clinical trial. At ObvioHealth, everything is triggered, tracked, and managed end-to-end. We ensure patients can communicate virtually with our logistics team at the ready whenever questions or issues arise. Not only are we able to ship devices and/or study supplies directly into the homes of patients, but the patients themselves can track those shipments. For patients' incentives and/or stipends, our app notifies them when they are eligible for compensation.

Shipment of Study Supplies

ObvioHealth’s logistic management system  arranges for home delivery of investigational study supplies and devices, ensuring that these arrive punctually and reliably at participants’ homes. We have put safeguards in place to make the process as seamless as possible:

Product or device randomization
Shipment to participants’ homes
Confirmation of right product via scanning of tracking code
Device integration testing and training
Returns when and if necessary

Incentive Payments

In some trials, participants are reimbursed for completion of study procedures.  ObvioHealth has a stipend program for participants that is fully virtual. Participants are paid according to achievement of milestones. The app provides real-time tracking of patient eligibility for payment.

Our global payment system is available to participants anywhere in the world, making gift vouchers available in local currencies.

Central management and distribution increases compliance and provides automatic tracking for regulatory purposes. Everything is electronic, trackable and compliant. 

3 images. 1. a phone mockup with app screen in Spanish, announcing your payment from participating is available. 2. A woman smiling looking at her phone. 3. Three Peso gift cards.