Virtual Clinical Trial Journey

Full integration means truly seamless trials

We design and oversee all 8 key steps of the virtual trial journey.

ObvioHealth trials are run by a centralized virtual clinical study teams. Using our pioneering technology, we accompany participants through every step of the journey to enroll them, help them complete tasks and validate data capture. We work with sponsors from the outset and all the way through each study to design, run, analyze and deliver successful trials.

Photo grid: "Activity checklist" screen on ObvioHealth app, surrounded by participants.


Study Design & Set Up

Our trials are virtual by design
Protocol and study optimized for virtual
Designed with the end in mind
Modular platform is both configurable and customizable
100% remote or hybrid


Recruitment & Prescreening

Efficient, targeted and digitally-led
Precision digital recruitment delivers more qualified candidates per ad dollars spent
Decentralized recruitment eliminates geographic boundaries
Broader recruitment captures untapped participant pools resulting in more diverse sample
Dynamic pre-screening quickly qualifies participants
Full campaign management
Real-time dashboards

4x faster than category benchmarks

Photo grid: A smartphone showing potential participants interacting with a Facebook ad for a clinical trial.
Photo grid: Participants reviewing and signing the electronic informed consent form through the ObvioHealth app (via smartphone).


Enrollment & Onboarding

Privacy, Efficiency and Availability
ObvioHealth’s onboarding process respects participants’ time and privacy while ensuring we are there for them when they need us.
eScreening process through the app
Accompanied eConsent increases patient understand of critical study elements
Access to live chat and clinical study team
Multi-factor Identity Verification
On-demand Virtual Training


Logistics Management

Swift and reliable management of supplies, devices and incentives
Smooth logistics are essential to project success. The logistics module of our platform makes it easy to trigger, track and manage:
Home shipment and return of supplies and/or devices
Global participant payments

Photo grid: Showing "product received" shipment screen on ObvioHealth app to convey logistics.
Photo Grid: The ObvioHealth app showing a symptom questionnaire for headaches and hot flashes, and a "device connectivity" screen measuring an infant's cry.


Outcomes Measurement & Remote Monitoring

User friendly app delivers more real time, real world data
ObvioHealth makes it easy for participants to capture and record their data, which in turn increases compliance. We have a full range of virtual data capture options, including an ecosystem of wearables and devices to facilitate data capture. Our clinical study team’s close monitoring and assistance helps to boost compliance throughout.
Next Generation ePRO & eCOA
Image, audio & video capture
Unstructured & continuous data capture
Digital instruments and devices
Event-based notifications & reminders
Virtual Assistant
In-house, cloud-based EDC


Medical Assessment & Clinical Oversight

Bringing the professionals closer to patients
ObvioHealth leverages our digital and virtual technologies to make it easier to schedule, perform and track clinical assessments.
Coordination of doctor, lab and imaging appointments
Home, site, or telehealth visits
Real time monitoring and reporting of AEs/SAEs, both algorithmically and ad hoc via our virtual clinical study teams ​​

An example of what a customized study dashboard may look like for an ObvioHealth client (on tablet).


Data Management, Visualization & Reporting

Live data dashboards, biostats and  full reporting
ObvioHealth’s data management, visualization and reporting capabilities provide faster aggregation of performance metrics for ongoing studies. CRO and sponsor access facilitates direct management of studies to drive more effective decision making.
Data cleaning and aggregation
Live customizable dashboard
Autogenerated study topline findings
Full clinical study report
Medical writing and publication


Regulatory, Data Privacy & Security

Cutting edge technology and highest global standards
Protocols designed and optimized to meet US/International regulatory requirements
21CFR Part 11
ISO/IEC 27001, 27017, 27701

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