Orlando, FL | February 12th to 14th

ObvioHealth is at SCOPE 2024

Attending SCOPE? Connect with us while you’re there to learn more about how our “digital in practice” approach to clinical trials results in more relaxed sponsors. That’s because ObvioHealth’s science, implementation, and virtual site teams design, deploy, and run trials from end to end to deliver the robust therapeutic evidence sponsors need.

Come relax with us at Booth #936

Stop by our booth at the far end of the exhibition hall. It’s worth the walk if you want a relaxing head or neck massage to de-stress from all that conferencing. When we say “Relax, we take care of everything.”—we really mean it!


Learn how to bullet-proof your next study

Luncheon Presentation | Tuesday at 12:50 p.m.

Matty Lynch, our Chief Operations Officer, will share the stage with Mi-Helper, Inc.’s CEO, Steve Schaefer, and reveal What You Absolutely NEED to Know About Designing a Medical Device Clinical Trial Journey to Completion ... Potholes and All.

Meet Our SCOPE Team

Ivan Jarry


Ivan has built his career, and ObvioHealth, on leveraging advances in digital technology to tackle the inefficiencies in clinical research. He has a proven track record of curating, developing, and motivating high-performing teams to exceed ObvioHealth’s and our customers’ ambitious objectives.

Matty Lynch

Chief Operations Officer

Matty’s long experience developing and implementing clinical research programs for multi-therapeutic area practices and hospitals has enabled her to successfully steward ObvioHealth’s operations team over the past five years—keeping patients, sites, and sponsors happy.

Leslie Pascaud

Chief Marketing Officer

Leslie brings decades of purpose-driven marketing experience to ObvioHealth, actively listening to sponsors, patients, and sites and translating their insights into strategies to position the company for success.

James Hendrick

SVP of Global Operations

Employee #1 at ObvioHealth, James’ strategic thinking, hard work, and commitment to excellence in launching and shepherding ObvioHealth's projects have played a crucial role in the company’s success.  

Heather Mottola

Director of Business Development

Newly arrived at ObvioHealth from previous stints at Apprentice.io and Clario, Heather’s focus is on helping life science manufacturers integrate SaaS technology and services that can help them get medicine to patients faster.

Sierra Sitton

Director of Business Development

Sierra came to ObvioHealth a year ago with a background in data collection software. Her strength lies in helping sponsors identify the best ways to integrate eCOA into their clinical trials.

About ObvioHealth

ObvioHealth is a global digital clinical trials company accelerating the delivery of stronger evidence through study designs that capture more accurate data while offering a superior site and patient experience.  

Our unique model combines best-practice clinical science with a flexible digital platform and expert virtual site team. This winning formula enables us, and our customers, to digitally optimize protocols, efficiently design studies, and then smoothly run them from end to end.  

  • Our clinical science team leverages deep expertise and digital literacy to identify endpoints that matter to, and simplify, patients’ lives.  
  • Our code-free study design platform and app, ObvioGo®, allows implementation managers to surface insights, collaborate, and iterate to develop smoother patient journeys that make enrollment and compliance easier.
  • ObvioHealth is one of the rare companies with a virtual COACH (Clinical Oversight And Coordination Hub) team that monitors patient safety and compliance in real time while providing on-demand, personalized support that keeps patients motivated and engaged.