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The Real World of DCTs

An Insider Perspective

Founded as the the first-ever Virtual Research Organization (VRO) in 2017, ObvioHealth has been designing, managing, and monitoring virtual or hybrid studies for 4+. In that time, we've helped to construct the current state of DCTs and advance innovation within the industry. At Arena International's Future Trials Conference: Decentralized, Direct-to-Patient, and Virtual Clinical Trials, we shared insider insight from 35 DCTs across 28 countries and 16 therapeutic areas. We used real world examples to illustrate how modern innovations like wearables and sensors can deliver more efficient trials and better data.

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Virtual Trial Journey

A Seamless End-to-End Experience

ObvioHealth studies are run on our purpose-built platform by our own in-house virtual team. This allows us to work seamlessly from protocol design all the way through to analysis and reporting.

ObvioHealth's Numbers

Up to 4x

Faster Recruitment

3 mo ObvioHealth average vs 12 mo benchmark for site-based trials


Retention Rate

average retention vs. 70% benchmark for traditional trials


ePro Compliance

average per study (digital questionnaires, daily ediary, etc.).

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