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ObvioGo™: A Powerful DCT Platform that Delivers Stronger Evidence

ObvioGo’s powerful and flexible technology has been designed to capture, integrate, and analyze more accurate multi-source data, empowering clinical science teams to generate stronger therapeutic evidence with ease.

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ObvioGo, A Powerful DCT Platform that Delivers Stronger Evidence

More Accuracy with Less Burden

Today’s DCT technology helps to reduce patient burden, but it hasn’t addressed the problems of inaccuracy and interoperability needed to deliver robust outcomes and endpoints.

ObvioGo has been designed and built to reduce friction for all stakeholders across all touch points. Powered by five interoperable modules, this next-generation DCT platform and mobile app incorporates best-in-class digital instruments, AI, and machine learning with intuitive interfaces and seamless integrations to deliver more robust and reliable clinical outcomes with less burden on patients, study teams, and sponsors.

Success Starts Here:

Study Design

Optimize study build and accelerate amendment time

Configurable, adaptive design tools enable preview, testing, and iteration, allowing sponsors to optimize studies in real time and to pivot with peace of mind.

Outcomes Capture & Assessment

Capture more accurate data

Traditional eCOA methods are paired with AI-assisted digital instruments, wearables, and remote patient monitoring devices to improve data accuracy.

Mobile Application

Frictionless patient interfaces

The intuitive ObvioGo mobile app reminds, nudges, and accompanies participants towards completion.

Study Management

Increase compliance and retention

Built-for-purpose technology facilitates real-human interactions for increased engagement.

Data Management

Make data oversight more efficient

Centralized tools and integration with existing clinical systems enable study teams to advance more quickly to analytical review.

Current platforms don’t deliver on the full potential of DCTs.
So we built ObvioGo.

The shift to remote and digital data collection opens the door to richer and stronger efficacy and safety signals. But, current DCT technology isn’t sufficiently user-friendly, causing friction for sites, patients, and CROs.

5 Seamless Modules. One Powerful Solution.

Designed with real people—sponsors, study teams, sites, and patients—in mind to remove friction, improve accuracy, and support the humans who make trials successful.

Study Design

Outcomes Capture & Assessment

Mobile Application

Study Management

Data Management

Study Design

Say no to “one size fits all.” You need options that optimize and adapt.

Today’s DCT study designs are too often digital copies of poor traditional assessments. The power to deliver stronger endpoints is massively underleveraged in current DCT designs. ObvioHealth’s clinical science and tech teams work together to help sponsors optimize their endpoints. Our fully configurable study design tools have modular components that easily adapt to each project’s unique parameters across therapeutic areas and geographies.


  • Effortlessly configures and customizes eConsent, screening, eCOA, and ePRO components according to each protocol.
  • Tests, previews, and publishes study screens to the ObvioGo mobile app so sponsors can approve or provide feedback without a hitch.
  • Easily pivots to address mid-study change orders with flexibility, empowered by real-time learning.
  • Captures insights gathered during daily use across studies to enable our in-house design team to perform iterative optimizations.
ObvioGo and their study design

Outcomes Capture and Assessment

Powerhouse tools to capture more accurate data from patients, clinicians, and caregivers.

Current DCT technologies make it easier to report remotely, but that doesn’t mean they are user-friendly. ObvioGo’s outcomes capture and assessment capabilities include AI-assisted technologies that facilitate the collection of more accurate data from all users: patients, clinicians, and caregivers.

ObvioGo Outcomes Capture and Assessment


  • ePRO, eClinRO, eObsRO, and ePerfO capabilities are paired with FDA- and CE-validated medical devices, as well as a range of wearables and other digital instruments, which can capture vitals and other signals remotely and accurately.
  • Participants can report changes in their health statuses or medications at any time.
  • Innovative data collection options like Augmented ePRO enable easy reporting of symptoms through image, audio, and video capture. This data can then flow to a centralized portal to be clinically rated by experts.
  • The outcomes capture capabilities are also built to integrate EHR, labs and imaging, and other clinical data from sites and hospitals.

Mobile App

Intuitive user interface and behavioral nudges keep participants on track from start to finish.

ObvioGo’s mobile app eliminates the need for provisioned devices. The user-friendly interface is based on extensive insight into the digital behaviors of trial participants, seamlessly incorporating study activities into participants' daily lives.


  • Multi-media training ensures participants have clear and simple explanations of all they need to do to complete their tasks.
  • Easy eConsent includes informational screens and comprehension checks to ensure full understanding.
  • Patient engagement features like gamification, motivational nudges, and compensation milestone markers keep participants engaged and compliant.
  • Automated notifications remind participants when tasks are due.
  • Participants can track their study supply shipments as well as their milestone payments through the app.
  • On-demand video and chat support through the app ensures participants get near real-time answers to their questions.
ObvioGo mobile app

Study Management

Meet your milestones with personalized patient support and team collaboration.

Tech may ease the clinical trial journey, but it’s humans who power it. ObvioGo’s study management tools facilitate the essential human interactions that are the heart of successful studies, with easy workflows and conversational interfaces to help study teams engage with participants and encourage them toward compliance and completion.

ObvioGo study management


  • Dynamic recruitment and screening dashboards provide real-time data, enabling study recruitment up to 4x faster than traditional sites.
  • Intuitive dashboards notify study teams of any compliance, data entry, technical, or safety issues, helping to facilitate monitoring.
  • Live text and video chat enable real-time communication and personalized support between ObvioHealth’s COACH (Clinical Oversight and Coordination Hub) team and participants.

Data Management

Deeper analyses for stronger therapeutic evidence.  

ObvioGo’s cloud native platform securely stores all data, integrates with enterprise clinical research systems, and can be deployed globally, empowering clinical science teams to perform deeper analyses and generate stronger therapeutic evidence.  


  • Secure gating prevents unvalidated data from being accepted into the vault.
  • Permissions-based functionalities enable sites, labs, and other stakeholders to enter data directly into the platform.
  • Study data is efficiently managed and cleaned by the study team, empowered with automated branching, sub-scoring, total scoring, and automatic edit checks.
  • Real-time data processing with automatic data cleaning, auto-edit checks, and advanced query resolutions empower study teams to get more quickly to database lock.
  • Seamless integration with EDC, CTMS, RTSM, and eTMF. Robust documentation capabilities support audits.
  • A full in-house EDC that stores and processes all data in one place.
ObvioGo data management

Why Go with ObvioGo?

Built based on the execution of 50+ fully virtual and hybrid studies across 28 countries.

Designed by clinical and digital experts to improve ease and accuracy.

AI-enabled, evidence-generation engine empowers the delivery of stronger endpoints.

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