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ObvioHealth Announces Innovative Suite of Patient-Centric Tools to Deliver Stronger Clinical Trial Evidence

NEW YORK – October 13, 2022 – ObvioHealth, a global virtual research organization (VRO), announces the launch of its cutting-edge patient engagement suite designed to motivate and support decentralized clinical trial patients from the moment of recruitment through to study completion. These patient-centric products and services, deployed through ObvioHealth’s powerful ObvioGo™ platform and app, significantly increase clinical trial compliance and retention while also delivering more accurate and real-time data.

The ObvioGo patient engagement suite combines four solutions: an intuitively designed mobile app, user-friendly ePRO tools, AI-enabled remote monitoring devices, and virtual one-on-one support.  

The ObvioGo app is purpose-built using extensive behavioral science insight into participants’ digital behaviors. Its friendly interface incorporates alerts, reminders, task progress bars and gamification to nudge participants toward completion. Digital behavioral data is leveraged by ObvioHealth at the backend to optimize design, with the goal of continuously improving compliance and retention.

The UX-optimized ePRO tools have been designed to shorten and simplify questionnaires at every turn, often allowing for answer submissions with a single thumb tap. In addition to questionnaires, ObvioGo’s AI-enabled digital instruments allow participants to easily take and submit photos, videos, and audio files. This data can then automatically flow to expert raters for scoring, providing sponsors with more objective outcomes while removing burden from participants.

The ObvioGo platform integrates seamlessly with remote patient monitoring devices, including more than 300 consumer wearables and a range of AI-enabled, medical-grade sensors. These devices capture continuous and point-in-time data with minimal patient effort. The data flows directly into ObvioGo’s platform, where it is monitored in near real-time, and can also be made available to participants when the protocol allows.  

The fourth component of ObvioHealth’s patient engagement suite is its COACH (Clinical Oversight and Coordination Hub) team, comprised of clinical trial specialists, registered nurses, and principal investigators. Each participant has access to dedicated COACH team members who are trained on their study protocols, enabling them to provide personalized support from start to finish. Patients can choose to communicate within the ObvioGo app through text, call, video, email, or through other messaging applications such as WeChat or WhatsApp.  

The COACH team is augmented by ObvioGo’s AI capabilities, which surface outlier, erroneous, and missing data and trigger alerts that facilitate the tracking of potential adverse events and compliance issues. This "tech plus team" approach to patient engagement ensures that ObvioHealth addresses patient issues quickly and escalates those that require immediate attention.  

“In our view, most of the technology used in today’s clinical trials doesn’t go far enough to reduce the burden for patients,” said Ivan Jarry, ObvioHealth’s CEO. “Not only does ObvioGo include truly innovative, patient-centric tech but also the personalized support of our COACH team to radically improve the experience for our patients. Our team is enabled by artificial intelligence, which streamlines their workflows, allowing them to provide high-touch support for a truly differentiating clinical trial journey.”  

For more information, visit ObvioHealth’s patient engagement page here.