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ObvioHealth and Oracle Collaborate to Seamlessly Integrate Diverse Data Sets into Decentralized Clinical Trials in APAC

ObvioHealth, a global Virtual Research Organization (VRO) pioneering end-to-end decentralized clinical trials (DCT), is collaborating with Oracle in Asia Pacific to help get breakthrough therapies to market faster through more efficient integration of diverse data sets. The alliance will enable the rapid collection, integration, and analysis of multi-source data collected from sites, patients, devices, and labs.

“Because DCTs are designed to be more convenient for patients, they naturally involve more complex sources of data—physical sites, electronic health records, wearables, and mobile apps—and Oracle’s technology provides us with a unified environment to bring all of that data together in one place,” said Ivan Jarry, CEO of ObvioHealth. “The Oracle collaboration will allow us to integrate with more complex and diverse data sets.”

This announcement comes on the heels of ObvioHealth’s launch of ObvioGo™, a next generation DCT platform and mobile app. The platform’s eConsent, eCOA, and ePRO capabilities will fully integrate into the Oracle Clinical One Cloud Service (Clinical One), facilitating pharma-grade analytics and reporting that can deliver more timely patient insights. Sponsors benefit from the ObvioGo platform’s device integrations alongside Oracle Clinical One’s robust data management capabilities. And, sites familiar with Oracle’s systems can integrate decentralized trial components within their existing workflows.  

“Access to data is the cornerstone of moving therapies from clinical trials to available therapies, and trial sponsors in APAC are increasingly looking to more decentralized models to be able to increase trial equity, access, and data availability,” said Henry McNamara, senior vice president and general manager at Oracle Health Sciences. “ObvioHealth has valuable industry experience in conducting these DCT trials in this market. By integrating ObvioHealth’s experience with our centralized capabilities, we’re helping to reduce costs, accelerate timelines, and increase the depth of data insights for trials in the region.”

A preferred Oracle provider in Asia Pacific, ObvioHealth is one of the first DCT players to conduct fully virtual studies in the region. In addition to its headquarters in New York, the company has offices in Singapore, Australia, and Europe. The VRO is also partnered with Novotech, the leading Asia-Pacific biotech specialist CRO.