Your DCT Tech and Team

Delivering Stronger Evidence

When embarking on your clinical trial, you shouldn’t have to trade-off between the best technology and the best service. ObvioHealth was built from the ground up to ensure you get both. You won’t find our model elsewhere: DCT strategy, powerful tech, and a full-service site team—under one virtual roof.

Our Tech

A Powerful and Flexible DCT Platform from Start to Finish

Our DCT solutions are powered by ObvioGo®, a highly-configurable and AI-enabled platform that accommodates a broad spectrum of trial protocols—from heavily site-based to fully virtual. This flexibility gives you the freedom to design a clinical trial that will deliver stronger therapeutic evidence.

Smooth Study Onboarding

Intuitive Data Capture that Reduces Burden

100% Data Visibility for Monitoring and Management

Our Team

Tech-Enabled, Boutique Service Makes the Difference

Technology is a great enabler. But, it isn’t sufficient to fill studies and keep participants engaged. And, participants aren’t the only stakeholders who need support. ObvioHealth’s suite of services complements our DCT platform to ensure trial sponsors, sites, and patients can deliver successful studies.

Smarter Study Designs with DCT Advisory

Higher Engagement with Tailored Patient and Site Assistance

From Site-Centric to Fully Virtual: ObvioGo Use Cases

Effective clinical trial design should be solution-neutral—prioritizing the approach that delivers the strongest evidence. Have a look below to see how our solutions work along the DCT spectrum, from site-centric to fully virtual or somewhere in between.

Site-Centered Hybrid
  • Partner with external CRO.
  • Sites manage patient engagement and monitoring.
  • ObvioGo tools are used, such as ePRO or eConsent.
  • External EDC with ObvioGo CDISC integration.
Virtually Managed Hybrid
  • ObvioHealth acts as both CRO and virtual site.
  • ObvioHealth manages patient engagement and monitoring.  
  • ObvioHealth coordinates site visits.
  • ObvioGo is used for data capture and integrates with sites.
  • ObvioGo is the repository for data.
Fully Virtual
  • ObvioHealth acts as both CRO and virtual site.
  • ObvioHealth manages patient engagement and monitoring.  
  • No site visits.
  • The ObvioGo platform captures data directly from patients.
  • ObvioGo is the repository for all data.  

We Get Studies Done

ObvioHealth has deep clinical trial experience. We launched one of the first-ever DCT platforms with a mobile app in 2017. Today, we’re a global industry leader delivering DCTs that generate stronger evidence.


Patients enrolled in 2.5 months
in a recent women's health study.


Black cohort
for hypertension study.


for an infectious disease study.

5 Months

Early completion
of observational allergy study run in 8 EU countries.