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Remote patient monitoring of 20+ vital signs and live dashboards for real-time data tracking

Monitor your clinical trial patients remotely in real time

Find out how RPM can deliver better results for your study.

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A remote patient monitoring dashboard measuring coughing episodes.

Our Formula for Success

A graphic showing the various components used for remote patient monitoring in ObvioHealth's studies: connected devices, virtual clin-ops team, and the smartphone app.

Accelerated Digital Recruitment

  • We recruit untapped and under-represented participant populations via targeted social media, qualifying high potential subjects that would otherwise be ignored
  • Without site visits, it doesn’t matter if subjects live close to a clinic. Remote trials remove geographic barriers to recruitment and accelerates the process.

Next Generation ePRO

  • We make it easy for participants to  record their experiences and report their symptoms
  • Real time measurement at the push of a button reduces recall bias and provides study sponsors with more accurate data on perceived efficacy

Integrated Digital Devices

  • Partnerships with multiple digital device companies for the monitoring of 20+ vital signs, including: heart rate, respiratory rate, pulse ox, blood pressure, temperature, coughing episodes, weight, sleep, activity levels and more.
  • Patient training and a virtual site team to help patients with functionality of the devices

Virtual Site Team

  • Patients always have easy access to our virtual site team through text messaging, virtual chats, phone or email
  • Conversations between patient and staff are time stamped in our smartphone app and added into the data set

Real-time Reporting with Live Dashboards

Obviohealth’s dashboards deliver real-time data reporting and monitoring so that you can track patient reported outcomes and their vitals at all times. This allows for real time detection of adverse events.

The study device dashboard showing the following vitals: resting heart rate, resting respiratory rate, O2 saturation, and core temperature.
Monitor 20+ vital signs remotely
  • ObvioHealth’s platform seamlessly integrates with digital devices for the monitoring of more than 20 vitals
  • Data flows from the patient to our central database where it can be viewed  by our study coordinators in real time on customized dashboards
  • Triggers immediate alerts for adverse events

Imagine your study with a virtual design.

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