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ePRO Made Easy

Upgrade your clinical trial with ePRO that delivers better data, faster.

The ePRO debate is over. The industry now has plenty of proof that paper-based reporting is archaic and breeds mistakes, whereas electronic patient reporting reduces patient burden and delivers more real time, accurate data. Concerns about data protection and data quality have been addressed. The question is no longer whether but how to best integrate ePRO into your trial.

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Our ePRO Stats

Meta-Analysis: ePROCompliance and Retention for ObvioHealth Participants using their ownSmartphones in Fully Decentralized Clinical Trials

Not all ePRO is equal: Why our ePRO Stands Out

ObvioHealth streamlines the clinical trial process, conducting decentralized clinical trials from start to finish. Ditch the site visits (or drastically reduce them) and go virtual for better, faster data.


Allowing participants to report from their own mobile phones outperforms device provisioning because it integrates more easily into their lives.

UX design matters

ePRO modules that are cut, and pasted versions of paper questionnaires are unwieldy. They are neither designed nor built for digital use. The best ePRO tools are designed with user friendly scales and interactive functions that make data capture quick and intuitive.

Simplifies, Notifies and Gamifies

ObvioHealth ePRO is designed to deliver an intuitive and user-friendly experience. Automated alerts, notifications and reminders boost compliance. And gamification keeps participants more engaged for longer.

What is our Secret to better ePRO?


Easier, less burdensome reporting for participants resulting in higher compliance

Real Time/Real Life

Real time reporting reflects patient reality and delivers more accurate/complete data sets.


More accurate/complete data sets deliver better outcomes


Higher retention translates to lower dropouts which can reduce sample size requirements and deliver potential cost savings

Practical solutions to legacy PRO problems

ObvioHealth is a new breed of CRO leading the long overdue digitization and virtualization of health innovation research.  We launched in 2017, leveraging progress in digital technology to tackle the inefficiencies in clinical trials by designing one of the first patient centric mobile apps downloadable on smart phones. This made it possible for people to participate in clinical trials from the comfort of their homes. In contrast to legacy CROs who were retrofitting software to connect site staff to patients, ObvioHealth’s cloud-based modular platform and app were designed and purpose-built by a dedicated team of clinical scientists and pioneering health technologists to offer a continuum of micro services with a built-in EDC: