ObvioHealth is at OCT Europe 2023

Attending OCT Europe this year? We'll be there! And, we’d love to chat about optimizing your clinical trials with best-in-class digital tools. ObvioHealth has a wide range of tech-enabled services to generate the stronger therapeutic evidence you need—no matter where in the world your clinical trials are conducted.

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Meet Ann-Marie Mazouaud

Interested in learning how you can optimize your European study with decentralized or hybrid methods?

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Ann-Marie Mazouaud

Director Business Development (Europe)

Ann-Marie Mazouaud has 10+ years of experience as an operational strategist for decentralized and patient-centric technologies. She has specific expertise in feasibility processes, patient recruitment, and digital innovation. Ann-Marie is passionate about improving data integrity, clinical trial efficiency, and patients’ lives with new technologies.

About ObvioHealth

ObvioHealth is a pioneering virtual research organization (VRO). Over the past six years, we’ve conducted more than 60 decentralized clinical trials across continents and industry sectors—delivering stronger evidence for regulatory approvals. Our formula for successful clinical trials incorporates a range of differentiating capabilities—all designed to optimize studies no matter where in the world they’re conducted.  

  • Our outstanding team of DCT specialists leverage ObvioHealth’s flexible and highly configurable second-generation DCT platform and app (ObvioGo®) to design and run smoother trials from end to end.  
  • We offer the same services as a traditional CRO, but optimized for virtual and hybrid models—leveraging ePRO, sensors and wearables, and remote monitoring to improve both participant compliance and data integrity.
  • Our virtual COACH (Clinical Oversight and Coordination Hub) team works with sites to integrate technology with proper training, streamlined workflows, and patient safety and compliance tracking.  
  • We know EMEA! We’ve been running DCTs in the region since well before COVID-19, working with ethics committees to build localized, multi-country studies that adhere to all data privacy and other regulatory guidelines.