CNS Clinical Trials that Deliver Stronger Evidence 

Enhance data quality and patient safety with real-time remote data capture.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your DCT

Real-time, real-world data capture between site visits

Rapid detection of potential adverse events

Robust evidence for regulatory approval

Overcoming Challenges in CNS Clinical Trials

The CNS therapeutic area encompasses over 600 distinct indications, many of which face the same key clinical research challenge: how to capture accurate and reliable data without overburdening patients. Traditional CNS studies may miss crucial data when patients experience symptoms or adverse events at home. This data can be forgotten or obscured by the time the next site visit occurs.

ObvioHealth's decentralized clinical trial solutions blend the advantages of on-site and remote methodologies, resulting in more robust outcomes.

The Proof is in the Numbers

To get accurate clinical trial data, you need high compliance and retention. Because we reduce participant burden, patients are more willing to participate in our trials from start to finish.


ePRO Compliance Rate

Average rate for ObvioHealth completed studies


Retention Rate

Average percent of patients who complete an ObvioHealth trial


Faster Recruitment

Versus site-based equivalent trials

Real-Time, Real-World Data Capture

Intuitive ePRO and eObsRO

Easily capture episodic events such as pain, migraines, seizures, involuntary movements, or vertigo. ObvioHealth's ePRO is designed for intuitive symptom reporting by patients and caregivers.

Seamless Integration with Sensors and Wearables

Enrich subjective data with objective insights. ObvioGo® smoothly integrates with most medical-grade sensors and over 300 consumer wearables.

Increased Patient Privacy for Honest Reporting

Encourage honest reporting by reducing embarrassment and shame associated with face-to-face visits. Studies show that patients with suicidal thoughts are more likely to disclose them electronically.

Effective Remote Patient Monitoring

Tech-Enabled Tracking of Data Accuracy and Compliance

ObvioGo's AI assesses incoming data, alerting study team members to any irregularities. Our Clinical Oversight And Coordination Hub (COACH) team follows up to ensure data accuracy.

Rapid Detection of Potential Adverse Events

Real-time data capture enables real-time monitoring. COACH team members closely monitor for any changes in health status and quickly alert PIs when needed.

Accelerated Recruitment

Minimize Burden with Fewer Site Visits

Neurodegenerative and neurodevelopmental disorders can make site visits particularly burdensome and overwhelming. Ease recruitment by removing obstacles for patients and caregivers with remote capabilities that can translate to fewer on-site visits.

Expanded Access to Diverse Participant Pools

Reach rural and diverse patient populations. As required travel frequency decreases, participants’ willingness to travel increases.

The result? Trials that deliver:

More comprehensive and accurate data.

Reduced risk through continuous safety monitoring.

Robust evidence for regulatory approval.