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Prove It.

Substantiate your claims.

Consumer behaviors are changing, and the push for solid proof of efficacy is greater than ever. The public has grown skeptical of unsupported claims; they increasingly expect solid clinical evidence. That’s where ObvioHealth comes in. Our new technology makes clinical research more accessible than ever before.

Substantiate Your Claims

Shorter Timelines Accelerate Go-to-Market

Clinical trials have historically been out of reach for most consumer health companies because they took too long to run and cost too much to complete. The advent of decentralized clinical trials has changed all that, reducing or eliminating the need for burdensome and costly site visits. Accelerated timelines can lower the overall cost of your clinical study, allowing you to get to market sooner with the right claims to differentiate your product.

Faster Recruitment

One major benefit of decentralizing clinical trials, when compared to traditional methods, is that they can be recruited and enrolled remotely, breaking down many of the barriers to clinical research. With our studies, geographic boundaries evaporate, serving up a much broader pool of potential participants to meet inclusion and exclusion criteria. The result is that trials can be conducted faster with lower overhead costs.

More Efficient Data Collection

Lack of participant engagement and high rates of dropout can slow down your trial. So, we’ve put a COACH (Clinical Oversight And Coordination Hub) team in place to engage with participants on every step of the journey, from eConsent to data collection. Our Virtual Site Study Coordinators are trained to reach out to participants proactively, as well as to respond to any participant questions or concerns. Our platform also has alerts that notify the study team when a participant is falling behind, so they can reach out on a personal level to get them back on track. By avoiding participant dropouts, you are able to keep to, or even reduce, study timelines.

Faster Data Analysis

ObvioHealth performs automatic data cleaning, auto-edit checks, and advanced query resolutions as the data is entered. And, because our data is all in one place and minimal data cleaning is needed at the end of a study, our average time between LPO and database lock is 7 to 10 business days. This enables us to more quickly advance to the analytical review of your data.

Better Data = Stronger Claims

We apply digital technology and real-world data to generate new types of claims. Our clinically focused technology reduces friction in outcomes capture, which in turn reduces participant burden and leads to more reliable data, faster. These digital capabilities can help to generate data to make your products more competitive.

ObvioHealth has designed more intuitive ways of capturing participant reported outcomes with smoother navigation. Our app walks participants through the study process step by step. From enrollment and eConsent to participant training and study questionnaires, our user experience makes participation easy. User-friendly questionnaires and diaries with smoother navigation make it easy for participants to enter their data at the moment an event occurs. At the push of a button, they can capture the duration, frequency, and intensity of a symptom.

Measure up to 20 clinical-grade vital signs with our remote patient monitoring options. Perhaps you want to be able to capture participants’ activity levels, sleep patterns, or weight. All of this can be done from the comfort of their homes, without the need for clinical visits. Our technical team has considerable experience in device and biosensor integrations and can quickly assess your trial needs to make informed recommendations on the device(s) that will most safely and accurately deliver your study’s outcomes. The data from these digital devices is automatically transmitted to our trial platform where it can be viewed in real time.

We know there are limits to the accuracy of participant reporting. So, we’ve developed ways to get the data, minus the subjectivity and bias. Our platform can be programmed to capture visual (eg: skin rash), audio (eg: coughing or crying), or video (movement) inputs. For example, participants can take a photo of a skin lesion and upload it to our platform where it can be easily evaluated by a trained clinical rater. This helps to eliminate bias while providing a richer and more nuanced understanding of symptoms—resulting in better, more accurate, and more complete data sets.

Learn More About Your Customer

Did you know you can gather valuable insights from your consumers while you validate your claims? With an ObvioHealth study, you can design your trial to collect both scientific evidence and market insights at the same time. The flexibility built into the ObvioHealth platform enables you to capture perceived effectiveness alongside validated biomarker data. So, you can plan a smarter go-to-market strategy without the need for two distinct research studies.

Get 2 studies in 1

Our Proof: Satisfied Clients

ObvioHealth works with some of the most well-known consumer health brands in the world. To date, we’ve conducted 42 hybrid and fully virtual clinical studies across 28 countries and 17 therapeutic areas, leading to multiple successful product launches.

Client Roster

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Case Study #1

Measuring the Impact of a Plant-Based Supplement on Facial Skin Parameters


Lycored, a leader in carotenoid-based wellness products, sought to understand the consumer-perceived efficacy of a tomato-based supplement through twelve subjective skin indicators.


A targeted digital recruitment strategy identified and recruited participants from U.S. regions with high-density populations of specific racial cohorts. The study parameters required that the UV index in each market be within in a certain range, resulting in a need to pivot as the weather changed in order to enroll participants living in places that met the UV index guidelines. The 100% virtual protocol design made this possible while measuring evolutions in consumer perceptions from baseline through end-of-study.


• Successful recruitment of Asian cohort.
• Regular notifications and COACH (Clinical Oversight And Coordination Hub) team follow-up helped to achieve 93% medication adherence and an 87% retention rate.
• Subjects reported significant perceived improvement in skin parameters over the 12-week duration.
• Product launched based on positive outcomes.

Case Study #2

Developing Scientific Claims to Help Re-Launch a Popular Diaper Rash Cream


Consumer health brand Bepanthen sought to gather consumer-centric claims supported by real-world evidence in preparation of a television ad launch for its diaper rash ointment.


ObvioHealth proposed a virtual design to partner IQVIA, employing targeted digital recruitment to fill enrollment quickly. Once enrolled, participants were mailed the product and used the ObvioHealth app to complete digital questionnaires that assessed product usage and satisfaction in support of two new consumer-centric claims.


• 300 participants recruited in less than 2 months.
• Study completed in 4 months.
• Successful health claim substantiation for client led to launch and positive business results.

Case Study #3

Proving the Efficacy of a New Treatment for Menopausal Symptoms


A global consumer packaged goods company wanted to understand the effectiveness of an herbal blend on menopause symptoms and quality of life (QoL).


A hybrid design combined digital recruitment with on-site screening to fill enrollment. 130 women were asked to consume the study product, update e-diaries daily, and complete digital questionnaires in weekly intervals. A "hot flash indicator" button designed into the app allowed participants to track their hot flashes as they were happening. This provided the sponsor with real-time data on hot flash frequency and duration. Changes from baseline measurements were assessed. 


• Efficacy was proven, and the client obtained the data needed to launch their product.
• Ease of reporting via the app contributed to an 89% compliance rate and an 87% retention rate.

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