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Skin Parameters

Measuring the impact of a plant-based supplement on facial skin parameters


Lycored, a leader in carotenoid-based wellness products, sought to understand the consumer-perceived efficacy of a tomato-based supplement through twelve subjective skin indicators.


A targeted digital recruitment strategy was used to identify and recruit participants from US regions with high density populations of specific racial cohorts, including a  skin type assessment. The study parameters required that the UV index in each market be within in a certain range, resulting in a need to pivot as the weather changed  in order to enroll participants living in places that met the UV index guidelines. The 100% virtual protocol design made this possible while measuring evolutions in  consumer perceptions from baseline through end-of-study.


• Regular notifications and virtual team follow up helped to achieve 93% medication adherence and a 87% retention rate.
• Subjects reported significant perceived improvement in skin parameters over the 12-week duration.


Retention Rate


Medication Adherence

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