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Menopause Study

Assessing the Impact of new treatment for Menopausal Symptoms

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A global consumer packaged goods company wanted to understand the effectiveness of an herbal blend on menopause symptoms and quality of life (QoL).


A hybrid design combined digital recruitment with on-site screening to fill enrollment. 130 women were asked to consume the study product, update e-diaries daily and complete digital questionnaires in weekly intervals. Our 'hot flash indicator' button allowed participants to track their hot flashes as they were happening. This provided the sponsor with real time data on hot flash frequency and duration. Changes from baseline measurements were assessed.

"Hot flash severity" questionnaire on ObvioHealth app."Prevalence of hot flash" screen of the ObvioHealth app.


Efficacy was proven, and the client obtained the data needed to launch its product
Regular notification and study team follow up helped
Ease of reporting via the app contributed to a 87% retention rate




Medication Adherence

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“I reported having headaches. I didn't say that I needed a doctor, but the study doctor called me.”

-Study Participant

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