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Virtual Clinical Trials Delivered by Tech+Team

ObvioHealth is a Virtual Research Organization (VRO) leading the long overdue digitization of health innovation. We launched in 2017, leveraging technological innovation to tackle the inefficiencies in the trial process. But we knew then and now, that success would come from the fusion of experienced clinical researchers and pioneering health technologists. This is our winning prescription for seamless clinical trials.

Meet our team

The ObvioHealth Difference

In contrast to legacy CROs who are now scrambling to digitize by retrofitting software to connect site staff to patients, ObvioHealth was purpose-built from the outset as a digital platform run by a virtual in-house team.  

We developed and launched one of the first patient-centric apps, downloadable on smartphones,  enabling people to participate in clinical trials from the comfort of their homes ​and empowering  our virtual team to communicate directly with patients, wherever they are, to provide support and assistance throughout their trials.  ObvioHealth designs, configures and manages all steps of our virtual and/or hybrid trials from end to end.  Our platform and app upgrades are informed by our clinical operations teams’ daily experience with participants and then designed and programmed by our internal tech teams; so the results are both patient centric and truly seamless.

The result is trials that are faster, easier and more accurate

Faster, Safer, More Accurate Trials.

ObvioHealth is pioneering new ways to collect clinical trial data. Our innovative platform seamlessly integrates with clinical-grade devices, our novel instruments reduce ePRO subjectivity, and our virtual study coordinators carefully monitor and support patients. The result? Faster, safer and more accurate trials.

ObvioHealth's Numbers

Up to 4x

Faster Recruitment

3 mo ObvioHealth average vs 12 mo benchmark for site-based trials


Retention Rate

average retention vs. 70% benchmark for traditional trials


ePro Compliance

average per study (digital questionnaires, daily ediary, etc.).

Map of ObvioHealth office, and trial locations.

5 Years


42 Studies

Interventional, observational and registries

17+ Therapeutic Areas

Covering consumer health, pharma, devices, and nutrition

28 Countries

Across 5 continents

Our Mission

To lead the virtual clinical trial revolution-- pioneering technologies and re-engineering processes to make health research easier, safer and more accurate.

Our Vision

To accelerate health innovation, leveraging remote patient monitoring and real world data to  bring life-improving solutions to market more rapidly and efficiently.

A woman holding hands with, and looking into the eyes of, her toddler.

The ObvioHealth Advantage

More accurate data

Increased compliance and data capture, customized for Real World Evidence, delivers better data.


Efficient and targeted digital recruitment, streamlined study creation and onboarding and reduced drop-outs means studies end on, or before, schedule.

Flexible / Modular platform

Flexible device support. Built on modular architecture that allows for low cost and efficient changes to the study design.

Full integration

Experienced teams seamlessly manage digital platform and study implementation end-to-end.

Secure IT & Data

Data protection at every level: anti-fraud features, subject verification, data validation, transmission and storage.

Action-oriented outcomes

Dashboard views of real-time reporting delivers faster access to data for more effective decision making