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Step 3:

Enrollment & Onboarding

Easy At-Home Enrollment

The onboarding process for clinical trial can be tedious and confusing. The ObvioHealth process is completed solely through our application and platform, making clinical trial enrollment easier and smoother for all involved. Because each step is digitized, we are often able to remove site visits from the enrollment process. Participants can contact our virtual clinical team whenever a question arises.

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Take a look at our in-app enrollment and onboarding features below.
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Robust Identity Verification

Virtual Clinical Assistant

Participant Training Videos

Accompanied eConsent

Our electronic consent (eConsent) clinical trial affords participants the time to review each section at their own pace. Research shows that when participants are educated about and have better understanding of  the study process, adherence and participation both increase. We can incorporate multi-party consent, caregiver consent (Legally Authorized Representative), reconsent and/or comprehension quizzes to ensure that the study requirements are fully understood. Patients can interact directly with our virtual clinical study team via chat, email or phone call to resolve any questions. A series of screens explain the parameters of the study including:

We can also include education links to provide supplemental information to participants.


ObvioHealth has a tiered screening process. After participants have completed a pre-screener to establish basic eligibility and have gone through the econsent process, they have an overall view of the study commitments. The escreener, downloadable in the Obviohealth app, then asks more detailed questions to address all study eligibility criteria. Screening questions can, with participant consent, be integrated with EHR, medical history and other outpatient data to provide a fuller picture of patient eligibility and, in some case, avoid the need for additional testing.

Robust Identity Verification

ObvioHealth offers a range of verification methods to prevent fraud: 

Virtual Digital Multimedia Training for Patients & Caregivers 

Inaccurate patient reporting of symptoms and non-intuitive measurement tools lead to data gaps and errors. Participants can benefit from training on their roles and responsibilities in a study. This includes topics such as ePRO diary compliance, medication adherence, accuracy in reporting and the role of placebo within the research. The more diverse the population, the more critical it becomes to deploy standardized training so that patients are clear on objectives

Training can also significantly improve patient engagement during a trial. ObvioHealth provides interactive multimedia instruction and guidance directly within our app. This allows for on-demand training around expectation setting, terminology definition and workflow. “How to” demonstrations on reporting of potential AEs, use of wearables, biosensors and study products are often included.