ObvioHealth is at ARCS 2023

Attending ARCS this year? We'll be there! And, we’d love to chat about optimising your clinical trials with best-in-class digital tools. ObvioHealth has global expertise and a wide range of tech-enabled services to generate the strong therapeutic evidence you need.

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Learn how ObvioHealth is leveraging digital platform capabilities to design and run decentralised and hybrid trials that capture patient data in near real time. See how our virtual site team monitors compliance and safety data to maintain patient engagement while delivering more accurate and safer trials.  

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Taylor Major

Senior Clinical Solutions Consultant

Taylor Major has been at the forefront of optimising decentralised clinical trials (DCTs) for ObvioHealth in APAC, leveraging 10 years of experience in the medical research and clinical science fields to support increased access to clinical trials for all patients through eHealth technologies.

Neil Smith

Director of Clinical Operations, APAC

Neil Smith has spent over 25 years bringing operational leadership and expertise to some of the world’s largest CROs—including IQVIA, PPD, Novartis, and ICON. Neil continues to lead at ObvioHealth, applying his deep-rooted clinical expertise to deliver better patient experiences, more efficient workflows, and stronger evidence for clients in the APAC region.

Admir Huseincehajic

Clinical Project Manager

Admir Huseincehajic is a patient recruitment and study coordination expert who’s been developing transformative healthcare applications, managing clinical data, and optimising trial experiences from study start-up to close-out for over 20 years.

About ObvioHealth

ObvioHealth is a pioneering virtual research organization (VRO). Over the past six years, we’ve conducted more than 60 decentralised clinical trials across continents and industry sectors that delivered strong evidence for regulatory approvals. Our formula for successful clinical trials incorporates a range of differentiating capabilities—all designed to optimise studies no matter where in the world they’re conducted.  

  • Our outstanding team of DCT specialists leverage ObvioHealth’s flexible and highly configurable second-generation DCT platform and app (ObvioGo®) to design and run smoother trials from end to end.  
  • We offer the same services as a traditional CRO, optimised for hybrid models—leveraging ePRO, sensors and wearables, and remote monitoring to improve both participant compliance and data integrity.
  • Our virtual COACH (Clinical Oversight and Coordination Hub) team works with sites to integrate technology with proper training, streamline workflows, and track patient safety and compliance.
  • We know APAC! We’ve been running hybrid trials in the region since well before COVID-19, working with ethics committees to build localised, multi-country studies that adhere to all data privacy and other regulatory guidelines.