Take Your Trials Virtual:

A Playbook for a Virtual Transition

Decentralized clinical trials are safer and easier for participants. They deliver more accurate, complete data sets to drive health innovation.

While many of our prospective clients want to transition to decentralized protocols, they are reticent to make the virtual transition.

That's why we've developed a playbook with the four key considerations to successfully 'go virtual.'

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Virtual Trials Deliver Better Data

ObvioHealth is a Virtual Research Organization (VRO) and creator of the world's first patient-centric app for clinical trials. We launched in 2017, zeroing in on the common inefficiencies in the clinical trial process by combining our cutting-edge technology with our expert research team.

Our winning formula for efficient, patient-friendly protocol has been tested and proven in over 30 clinical trials and 13 therapeutic areas. Our studies are designed to elicit increased compliance, engagement, retention, and ultimately, better data for clients.  

We are on a mission to lead the virtual clinical trial revolution - making the process smoother, easier, safer and more accurate.

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ObvioHealth's Numbers

Up to 4x

Faster Recruitment

3 mo ObvioHealth average vs. 12 mo benchmark for site-based trials


Higher Medication Adherence

89% average vs. 60% benchmark for traditional trials


Fewer Dropouts

88% ObvioHealth average retention vs 70% average for site-based trials