Pediatric Virtual Clinical Trials

Delivering better data for the health of our kids

Pediatric clinical studies need to be tailored to the needs of children and their families. A recent study from the American Academy of Pediatrics found that 20 percent of pediatric trials were canceled mid-study, and 30 percent went unpublished. Of the 20 percent that were discontinued, recruitment challenges were cited as the primary reason. [To read more about our virtual recruitment capabilities for pediatric studies, click here. ] Enrollment of children into clinical trials is challenging. There are ethical concerns regarding participation of children, and many parents feel hesitant to consent to therapies outside of the standard of care. This, among other pain points, means there isn’t enough clinical data on children, and as a result, children are treated like “smaller adults” - often prescribed adult medications in smaller doses. This needs to change. ObvioHealth has conducted multiple studies in pediatrics, and we’re committed to continuing our research for the health of our future generations.

Proving the efficacy of a new treatment for menopausal symptoms

130 women were asked to consume an interventional product, update e-diaries daily, and complete digital questionnaires in weekly intervals, including reporting of hot flashes.

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Our proprietary application brings clinical research into people’s homes, making it easier for them to participate, and easier for researchers to collect robust data sets which reflect real behaviors.

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Curious How You Could Take Your Dermatology Trial Virtual?

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Delivering Better Data for Your Pediatric Study


Recruitment is often a huge barrier for trial sponsors. Because our studies are virtual, we are not geographically tied to a site location. This allows us to recruit for our studies anywhere in the world. This often makes recruitment faster and less expensive.

Data Capture

It’s not one size fits all. Different studies require different technologies to ensure you’re capturing the most accurate data from enrolled patients. From image and audio capture to artificial intelligence, let us help you design a study that meets your endpoints while keeping patients engaged.

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Compliance & Retention

We understand parents are busy so we make our app intuitive and easy-to-use. This convenience increases our compliance & retention rates. We send push notifications to help remind participants to complete study activities. Our study team is always available to answer questions.

Remote Monitoring

Our study team can monitor real-world data in real time. This allows for immediate AE detection and course correction.

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Measuring the impact of rice vinegar on blood pressure in prehypertensive adults

• 93 % product compliance
• 56,286 data points evaluated in real time

ObvioHealth deployed a targeted digital recruitment strategy to enroll 128 patients with a blood pressure of 120-139/80-89 mmHg, living in the Houston and Atlanta areas. The study successfully achieved a diverse study population: 41% Caucasian, 39% African American, 20% "other race.”

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Assessing the efficacy of a medical device on pelvic floor dysfunction

Nearly a quarter of women in the United States have a pelvic floor disorder, according to the NIH. We’re in the midst of a clinical trial to evaluate a new treatment for these all-too-common pelvic-floor conditions.

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