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Virtual Women’s Health Research

Improving women’s health through better data

Women face a unique set of health challenges. Yet, women are often underrepresented in research.  And they are notoriously busy, often neglecting their own care to care for others. Adding a clinical study to their list of “to-dos” can be a tough sell.

ObvioHealth’s virtual study design alleviates many of the challenges of conducting women’s health clinical trials. by speeding recruitment and facilitating ePRO. This results in higher retention rates as well as more complete and better data. See below for our experiences in conducting women’s clinical research virtually.

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A women participating in a menopause study by using her smartphone while sitting at a desk.
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Proving the efficacy of a new treatment for menopausal symptoms

130 women were asked to consume an interventional product, update e-diaries daily and complete digital questionnaires in weekly intervals, including reporting of hot flashes

• 89% Medication Adherence
• 87% Retention

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Assessing the efficacy of a medical device on pelvic floor dysfunction

350 women recruited to test effectiveness of a medical device compared to standard exercises to treat stress urinary incontinence (SUI) and stress-predominant mixed urinary incontinence (SMUI).

• Recruitment Filled in 3.5 Months

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Overactive Bladder Study

ObvioHealth is conducting an innovative study seeking FDA approval of a wearable neuromodulation device for the treatment of overactive bladder (OAB).

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The ObvioHealth App

Our proprietary application brings clinical research into people’s homes, making it easier for them to participate, and easier for researchers to collect robust data sets which reflect real behaviors.

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Take Your Women's Health Trial Virtual

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How We Deliver Better Data for Your Women’s Health Study

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Recruitment & Onboarding

Recruitment is often a huge barrier to trial success. ObvioHealth uses digital targeting methods to find untapped populations. We identify the online behaviors that point tomen with a positive pre-disposition for a specific trial and, because our studies are virtual, we are not geographicallytied to a site location.

Women are more willing to contribute to research, knowing they can participate from the comfort of their homes without the burden of traveling to site visits. Trials around sexual, genital and urinary health are seen as somewhat taboo, and might deter some women from participating in traditional on-site research. Our data is most often collected through our proprietary app, giving women more privacy in their responses.

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Outcomes Measurement

The ObvioHealth platform and app incorporate multiple data capture technologies to adapt to the needs of any given trial.  These include simple survey-type completion of questionnaires and diaries, image, video and audio capture and use of wearables. Complementary data collection methods ensure more robust data with real world outcomes.

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Logistics Management

Our platform makes it easy to trigger, track and manage products and payment of incentives. ObvioHealth can reimburse participants with our fully-virtual stipend program. We ship any needed study supplies or devices directly to the participant’s home.

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Medication Adherence & Adverse Events

An important advantage of ObvioHealth’s app is the real time remote monitoring of medication adherence and potential adverse events. Our escalating system of reminders and immediate AE/SAE detection make our studies safer, while also improving medication adherence.  

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Higher compliance, higher retention, more accurate data

Our easy-to-use, convenient app makes it easier for women to remain compliant. There is little to no time wasted travelling to clinical sites, so there are fewer dropouts. All of this means that studies end on time or ahead of schedule. And because participants are able to report more real world and real time experiences, the resulting data is more accurate and reliable.