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Oncology Virtual Clinical Trials

Measuring QoL for cancer patients through easier research

The importance of quality of life measurement for cancer patients has grown with the awareness that some new drugs may bring only modest gains in overall survival. While almost all cancer trials require site visits, QoL data is best collected virtually to reduce strain on an already burdened patient population. Oncology clinical trials also require extreme vigilance in monitoring safety and symptoms.  

ObvioHealth’s app makes it easy for patients to submit e-diaries from the comforts of home. It also allows for more consistent monitoring when patients are at home. This enables immediate detection of an adverse event so the study team and patients' physicians can react appropriately.

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Clinical Trials in Oncology: How Decentralization Improves the Quality of Patient Care

For patients with rare, incurable, or life-threatening diseases, clinical trials can offer new hope. Cancer patients, specifically, are often highly motivated to participate in research, particularly when they have an advanced or treatment-resistant form of cancer.

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COVID-19 Registry for Oncology Patients

This study sought to monitor COVID-19 prevalence and course of symptoms among oncology patients in order to identify any correlations with the biological and clinical data collected from the oncology cohort.

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Tracking Prevalence and Evolution of COVID-19 Symptoms in Cancer Patients

Saint-Joseph’s Hospital of Paris and ObvioHealth partnered to study the prevalence and impact of COVID-19 among oncology patients.

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Using Virtual Data Capture to Measure QoL in Cancer Studies

We examine four scenarios for "virtualizing" clinical trials, including oncology studies.  

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The ObvioHealth App

Our proprietary application brings clinical research into people’s homes, making it easier for them to participate, and easier for researchers to collect robust data sets which reflect real behaviors.

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Curious How to Take Your Oncology Study Virtual?

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Delivering Better Data for Your Oncology Study

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Outcomes Measurement

The ObvioHealth platform and app incorporates multiple data capture technologies to adapt to the needs of any given trial.  Our e-diaries and validated questionnaires are specifically designed to be easy to use on a smartphone, incorporating scales and pictograms so patients can effortlessly tell us how they’re feeling. Our virtual platform also includes device integration, allowing you to track a patient’s activity and sleep.  

Let us help you design a study that meets your endpoints while keeping patients engaged.  

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Logistics Management 

Our platform makes it easy to trigger, track and manage products and payment of incentives. ObvioHealth can reimburse participants with the stipend program that is fully virtual. We ship any needed study supplies or devices directly to the participant’s home.

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Medication Adherence & Adverse Events

An important advantage of ObvioHealth’s app is the real time remote monitoring of medication adherence and potential adverse events. Our escalating system of reminders and immediate AE/SAE detection make our studies safer, while also improving medication adherence.

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Higher compliance, higher retention, more accurate data

Our easy-to-use, convenient app makes it easier for patients to remain compliant. There is little to no time wasted travelling to clinical sites, so there are fewer drop-outs. All of this means that studies end on time or ahead of schedule. And because participants are able to report more real world and real time experiences, the resulting data is more accurate and reliable.