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Designed with real people—sponsors, study teams, sites, and patients—in mind to remove friction, improve accuracy, and support the humans who make trials successful.

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Outcomes Capture and Assessment

Powerhouse tools to capture more accurate data from patients, clinicians, and caregivers.

Current DCT technologies make it easier to report remotely, but that doesn’t mean they are user-friendly. ObvioGo’s outcomes capture and assessment capabilities include AI-assisted technologies that facilitate the collection of more accurate data from all users: patients, clinicians, and caregivers.

  • ePRO, eClinRO, eObsRO, and ePerfO capabilities are paired with FDA- and CE-validated medical devices, as well as a range of wearables and other digital instruments, which can capture vitals and other signals remotely and accurately.
  • Participants can report changes in their health statuses or medications at any time.
  • Innovative data collection options like Augmented ePRO enable easy reporting of symptoms through image, audio, and video capture. This data can then flow to a centralized portal to be clinically rated by experts.
  • The outcomes capture capabilities are also built to integrate EHR, labs and imaging, and other clinical data from sites and hospitals.