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Faster Recruitment

100% On time and On Budget*

If you want different results, you'll need a different approach. 1nHealth uses a combination of pinpoint digital targeting and creative digital advertising to find your patients AND make a compelling case for enrolling.

Seamless Enrollment

4-Month Average Enrollment to LPI

The onboarding process for clinical trials can be tedious and confusing. The ObvioHealth solution facilitates intuitive enrollment that is completed through our app and platform, making it easier and smoother for all involved.

How it Works.

Precise Digital Recruitment

Pinpoint Targeting  

Conventional digital recruitment takes a wide-net approach; the majority of the people who see your study ad would never qualify. 1nHealth developed AgileMatch targeting to drastically minimize this inefficiency, finding specific populations fast.

Evidence-Based Creative

What's the difference between an ad you read and an ad you scroll past? 1nHealth develops study creative that generates 4x the attention using a systematic process to uncover what patients are engaging with online.

Actionable Reporting

Does your study incorporate multiple sites? 1nData delivers real-time metrics for on-site performance and patient activity. Find out which sites are underperforming and use our real-time metrics to help diagnose why.

Made Simple

Automatic Pre-screening  

Pre-screening is a critical step in the recruitment and enrollment process. ObvioHealth creates tailored pre-screen questionnaires to deliver qualified patients while protecting personal health information (PHI).

Virtual Study Coordinators

Our virtual study team members reach out to patients the moment they pass pre-screening. Our coordinators help patients with eConsent and with scheduling their screening/baselining appointments.

Intuitive eConsent

Our electronic consent (eConsent) makes it easy for patients to both consent and verify their identities digitally or in partnership with a site. Video explainers help patients understand their role in a trial.

The Proof.

Compared to industry standards—and our competitors—we deliver results faster, cheaper, and with excellence.

100% On time and on budget*

25,000+ patients enrolled

3X Faster Recruitment

Enrollment across 28 countries

4 Months to LPI

89% Retention Rate

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