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Partner Ecosystem

We are building an ecosystem of strategic partnerships and alliances to ensure we remain at the cutting edge of clinical trial digitization. These partnerships bring complementary competencies to the organization, offering greater scale, deeper analytics, and more cutting edge clinical  and technological developments.

De-risk your DCT with ObvioHealths strategic approach to mitigating risks

IQVIA Consumer Health provides connected intelligence to reveal fresh opportunities by bringing together unparalleled data, advanced analytics, new technologies and cutting-edge services across the concept-to-consumer journey.

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Novotech is internationally recognized as a leading regional CRO with accumulated experience in over 3,700 clinical projects, including Phase I to Phase IV clinical trials and bioequivalence studies. As of September 30, 2021, Novotech had over 2,000 FTEs working across offices in 11 geographies in Asia-Pacific and the United States. Novotech areas of expertise include clinical and regulatory strategy, infectious disease and vaccines, liver disease, oncology and rare disease.

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Linical is a global Contract Research Organization which provides the full spectrum of drug development services from early stage to large-scale, multinational studies.

Linical has actively expanded around the world to become the first Japanese Headquartered Global CRO capable of delivering a one-stop service for large-scale projects, covering all key markets in Asia-Pacific, Europe, and North America.  With a focus on addressing unmet medical needs in Oncology, Immunology and CNS, Linical also has strengths in infectious disease, endocrinology, and cystic fibrosis.

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Children’s Health of Orange County (CHOC), a pediatric healthcare system based in Orange County, California, is committed to being a leading destination for children’s health by providing exceptional and innovative care for the most serious pediatric illnesses and injuries, physical and mental. CHOC’s research and innovation institutes are focused on translating real patient needs into real-world treatments so every child can live the healthiest and happiest life possible.

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Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is one of the nation’s leading pediatric hospitals. True to our mission, we have been creating hope and building healthier futures since 1901. We deliver a level of care that’s consistently recognized as some of the best in the world.

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BioIntelliSense has enabled medical-grade Remote Patient Monitoring via its BioSticker-based data service. The BioSticker™ is an FDA-cleared 510k class II wearable medical device that enables at-home continuous monitoring of vital signs and symptoms for 30 days on a single device without recharging.

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iHealth is dedicated to helping people lead healthier lives by making it as easy as possible for individuals of all ages to take a more active role in managing their health. iHealth designs and manufactures innovative, consumer-friendly, mobile personal healthcare products that connect to the cloud so that consumers are able to see a more comprehensive view of their vitals and easily share information with healthcare professionals or loved ones.

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AliveCor, Inc. is transforming cardiological care using deep learning. The FDA-cleared KardiaMobile device is the most clinically-validated personal ECG solution in the world. AliveCor's enterprise platform allows third-party providers to manage their patients’ and customers’ heart conditions simply using state-of-the-art tools that provide easy front-end and back-end integration to AliveCor technologies.

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Manufacturers rely upon Omron to help them keep up with constantly evolving wearables. They lead the way in GPS-enabled smartwatches and other tether-free healthcare technology that can track the wearer’s health, fitness and activity in real time: heart rate and blood pressure, food consumption and hydration, and other measures vital to people’s lives.

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Dedalus Group is the leading healthcare and diagnostic software provider in Europe and one of the largest in the world. With its innovative framework of comprehensive and process-oriented solutions, Dedalus’s unified data platform helps life science companies bring new targeted and effective treatments to market faster. Dedalus serves more than 5,000 private and public hospitals across 30 countries, through more 3,400 highly specialized resources, of which 1100 dedicated to R&D activities.

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Human API is on a mission to radically accelerate the pace of innovation with one platform that connects to every health data source including EHR networks, HIEs, patient portals, pharmacies, labs, wearable devices, and fitness apps.

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Hyfe is an acoustic AI that runs on any phone and detects and classifies coughs. It is the most sophisticated AI cough classifier on the market, used daily by researchers, medical professionals as well as thousands of regular people all over the world.

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We’re a cloud technology company that provides organizations around the world with computing infrastructure and software to help them innovate, unlock efficiencies and become more effective. We also created the world’s first – and only – autonomous database to help organize and secure our customers’ data.

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