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ObvioHealth and 1nHealth Launch Initiative to Rescue Clinical Trials Struggling to Transition to Decentralization

Pandemic-driven adoption of hybrid and fully virtual clinical trials has left many sponsors in need of support in patient recruitment and protocol optimization

NEW YORK, February 28, 2022 - ObvioHealth and 1nHealth announce today a joint initiative to smooth the transition to hybrid and decentralized clinical research. The initiative focuses on supporting clinical trials that may be struggling due to suboptimal protocol design, imprecise recruitment strategies, maladapted technology options or ailing site teams.According to, there are about 1,600 suspended trials at present.

1nHealth conducts clinical trial recruitment using a unique combination of digital targeting and evidence-based creative that enabled it to deliver 100 percent of their 2021DCT enrollment projects on time and on budget, a result that is virtually unheard of in the industry.

ObvioHealth is a leading global Virtual Research Organization (VRO) delivering end-to-end decentralized clinical trial solutions through its platform, smartphone app andseamless device integrations. The company boasts average study retention rates of 89 percent.

“It’s wonderful to see the industry rapidly adopting hybrid and virtual models, but this has sponsors confronting new recruitment challenges,” said Dan Brenner, Founder andCEO of 1nHealth. “We frequently hear from sponsors who can’t meet enrollment numbers and are increasingly brought on board to help get trials back on track.”

Both companies have leveraged their DCT and hybrid expertise to rescue trials that are failing to meet milestones. They recently collaborated on a women’s health study that considerably boosted enrollment and study completion rates, while reducing recruitment costs10-fold.

“So many sponsors are grappling with cost overages and delayed timelines at the moment,” said Ivan Jarry, CEO of ObvioHealth. “As a pioneer in decentralized clinical trials, we’ve learned many lessons about how to optimally digitize studies through better trial design and more efficient patient-centric execution. We are eager to apply those learnings to help sponsors salvage their trials to generate the evidence they need.”

For more information on this joint initiative, click here.


About 1nHealth

1nHealth fills studies faster by using novel methodologies to deliver high-performing ads across all digital channels. Based in Orlando, Florida, 1nHealth uses AI to help find patients who are simply being missed by other recruitment vendors.1nHealth works with top CROs, Pharma companies and most of the leading DCT providers, as well as across 40+ TAs, delivering full enrollment for site-based, hybrid, and fully decentralized studies. Visit to learn more.