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Everest Group Analysts Rate ObvioHealth as a Top Major Contender on PEAK Matrix® Report

November 9, 2022 - NEW YORK - ObvioHealth announces it has been rated as the top “major contender” on Everest Group’s 2022 PEAK Matrix®, an industry report providing analysis and insights on decentralized clinical trial vendors. ObvioHealth is ranked 5th overall in a field of 24 industry players.  

The company improved on both axes of the PEAK Matrix when compared to 2021. The Market Impact score aggregates market adoption, portfolio mix, and value delivered, while the Vision and Capability score measures the ability of a company to successfully deliver products.  

Due to the rapid adoption of the DCT model across the industry, both legacy players and young startups are aggressively seeking to establish a foothold. The field of companies analyzed by Everest Group increased by 60 percent versus a year ago. Despite this expansion, ObvioHealth maintained its top contender spot, beating out much larger CROs, EDC vendors, and endpoint technology companies.  

“With only a fraction of the financial resources compared to most of the top contenders, we ranked higher than many powerhouse players, a tremendous achievement for a 5-year-old company,” said Ivan Jarry, ObvioHealth’s CEO. “This confirms that our emphasis on agile, end-to-end technology, boutique service, and endpoint optimization is paying off.”

ObvioHealth recently released ObvioGoTM, its next-generation DCT platform and app. This powerful and flexible tech stack is designed to capture, track, and report more accurate data to deliver stronger therapeutic evidence. The company recently announced a partnership with Oracle Health Sciences, enabling multi-source data collected from sites, patients, devices, and labs to be seamlessly integrated into Oracle’s Clinical One platform. This technology offer is complemented by ObvioHealth’s COACH (Clinical Oversight And Coordination Hub) team, a virtual support team offering personalized assistance to patients and sites.  

“Our COACH team is a key differentiator that has been instrumental to our success,” said Jarry. “Our team is augmented by AI-assisted technology that increases workflow efficiency, improves the experience for sites and patients, and allows us to offer trial sponsors a single-source solution for end-to-end trials.”