Infographic: The People-Centric Path to Better Data

A research study designed around the needs of its participants is more likely to deliver better data, a product of optimized compliance and engagement. By pairing a versatile digital solution with an accommodating protocol design, ObvioHealth can offer maximum convenience to those who matter most: the people who produce the data. The result? A collection of real-world data points and enhanced insights.

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Patient Interactions: Sustained Engagement via Digital Communication

In the clinical trial space, patient concerns that must be addressed with tact. Whether delivering potentially life-altering news, or discussing a health-related concern, I find digital interaction to be the most prudent approach to sustaining engagement and reducing dropout. Here are five real-life examples of this strategy at-work.

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Real World Data and Evidence Revolutionize Clinical Research

The U.S. FDA is aware the drug approval process can often be strenuous, consuming large amounts of time and money. That’s why they’ve made a commitment to consider real-world evidence in the approval of new drug indications resulting in a more efficient approach for manufacturers.

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