ObvioHealth and Hôpital Paris Saint-Joseph Announce Partnership to Track COVID-19 in Oncology Patients

PARIS — June 18, 2020 – ObvioHealth, a full-service virtual research organization (VROTM), announces today a partnership with La Foundation Hôpital Paris Saint Joseph to monitor COVID-19 prevalence and symptoms among the oncology patients of the Groupe Hospitalier Paris Saint Joseph.

Participants will use Obvio-19, a proprietary mobile application and digital platform built by ObvioHealth, to track possible infections of COVID-19, the evolution of symptoms, and any interactions between COVID-19 and the therapeutic treatments of cancer patients. As a complement to regular visits with a healthcare provider, the Obvio-19 app will allow for remote monitoring and data collection while the patients are at home.

There is intense demand for research-based information surrounding the prevalence and progression of COVID-19 in at-risk populations with pre-existing conditions, including cancer. Hôpital Paris Saint-Joseph will open recruitment to all 2,500 patients in its oncology registry, and those who choose to participate in the study will be monitored for a period of 6 months. The entire study will last 18 months, spanning the predicted length of the pandemic.

Participants who have previously been diagnosed with infection or show/develop symptoms will be asked to complete a series of daily and weekly health-related questionnaires on the Obvio-19 app. Reminder notifications will prompt guided responses on symptom progression and resolution over the course of the study.

ObvioHealth is committed to leveraging its remote clinical trial platform and app to support the scientific and medical community in providing the best possible care to people at the highest risk of severe symptoms. Real world data obtained directly from participants through digital interactions will provide researchers with insights needed to provide better care to this vulnerable population.

About ObvioHealth

ObvioHealth is a leading virtual research organization (VRO™) on a mission to help people through research. ObvioHealth's proprietary application allows subjects to participate in studies and trials from the comfort and safety of their homes. With device integration that enables real-time data collection and virtual chats that increase protocol compliance, the remote clinical trial platform offers a better experience to research subjects.

Founded in 2017 by SPRIM, ObvioHealth is backed by Tikehau Capital (TKO:FP), an asset management and investment group.
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About Groupe Hospitalier Paris Saint Joseph

The Groupe Hospitalier Paris Saint-Joseph (GHPSJ) is a private not-for-profit hospital and Private Health Care Institution of Public Community Interest (ESPIC). The hospital employs 2,150 medical and non-medical professionals who served more than 89,400 hospital stays and 56,500 emergency visits in 2019. The core mission of Groupe Hospitalier Paris Saint Joseph is to care, support, innovate and train with the common goal to improve the well-being of patients.

To learn more about Groupe Hospitalier Paris Saint Joseph, visit: https://www.paris-saint-joseph-hospital.com/

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