Enrollment Completed for Virtual Dermatology Study

ObvioHealth is excited to announce the completion of enrollment for its latest research engagement.

This virtual dermatology study will assess the impacts of a nutritional supplement on skin condition (hydration, smoothness and overall health) while gauging product satisfaction among participants.

Virtual Trial Design, Stress-Free Participation

The trial design for this study allows participants to enroll, complete activities, and communicate with the research team virtually. No site visits required. That translates to convenient participation for all involved:

EIC: Participants can review the electronic informed consent form (EIC) digitally, and at their own pace.

Open-Label: There will be no placebo, therefore, all participants will benefit from knowing that they are consuming the nutritional supplement.

Ship-to-Home: The study product ships directly to the subjects’ doorsteps. Upon study completion, participants are asked to simply discard the product.

Study Activities: Those enrolled will be asked to consume the supplement once-a-day for 12 weeks. Consumption will be recorded via e-diary. Questionnaires assessing skin type, satisfaction with study product, and changes to skin condition are to be completed periodically throughout.

Live Help Desk: Our research team is made available to answer questions via text or phone throughout the duration of the study.

Constant Reminders: Participants need not worry about marking their calendars for every deadline. Our digital app keeps them on-track, issuing reminders when necessary.

Safety: The safety and comfort of our participants is our top priority. Data regarding health-related changes will be analyzed for underlying potential concerns. The participant will be kept abreast of all findings.

Stress-Free Participants Provide Better Data

When participants are safe and happy, everyone wins.

Participants are crucial to data integrity, and better data leads to the availability of enhanced treatments for those who need them. We strive to ensure a convenient experience for our participants, and in turn, they contribute to the advancement of better solutions.