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Let our team design and conduct your study from end to end. No headaches, no last-minute scrambling. Just safer, happier patients, and next-gen data collection with greater volume and accuracy.

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Maximum efficiency. Accelerated timelines. Proven results.

From protocol design, recruiting and enrollment, through to end-of-study, we mean it when we say we support our clients from end-to-end. The advantages of using a full-service virtual research organization (VRO) to operate your studies are unmistakable:

  • Digital Recruitment for Efficiency: Our proprietary digital recruitment methodologies identify and target under-represented populations who are most likely to qualify for enrollment. As a result, we’re able to effortlessly fill your trial up to four times faster than site-based trials.
  • Vitals Monitoring and ePRO for Better Data: We capture health-related changes and vitals data in real-time by integrating an ecosystem of FDA-cleared devices with our virtual trial app and platform. For endpoints that can’t be measured via a device, we employ user-friendly ePRO (i.e., ediaries) to capture data pertaining to adherence, perception, QoL, and more.
  • Increased Engagement, Compliance, and Retention: Constant access to our clinical oversight and operations hub (COACH) team provides participants the reassurance they need to remain engaged. Regular notifications remind participants to complete study activities and thus remain compliant with the study protocol. Patients who demonstrate high rates of engagement and compliance often complete the study.

ObvioHealth's Numbers

Up to 4x

Faster Recruitment

3 mo ObvioHealth average vs 12 mo benchmark for site-based trials



average retention vs. 70% benchmark for traditional trials


ePro Compliance

average per study (digital questionnaires, daily ediary, etc.).

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