Frequently Asked Questions (Sponsors)

Answers to the most frequently asked questions for Sponsors.

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Sponsors FAQs

Currently the ObvioHealth app is only available on iOS or Android smartphones.

Currently the Field Level CRF is only available on a tablet.

Currently ObvioHealth’s app and Field Level CRFs are available only on smartphone or tablet respectively.

Currently, to participate in a trial with our app, a subject must have a smartphone.

Access to the stored data is restricted to only authorized ObvioHealth employees, with access password protected. Transport Layer Security (TLS) is used to secure all data in transit.
All data is stored in our HIPAA/GDPR compliant cloud environment.
All data is hosted on the Microsoft Azure service.
The app can collect a wide variety of data types including: patient reported outcomes, questionnaire responses, images, videos, and data from connected devices.
The system has the ability to verify passports or identification materials from different countries/locations.

Delivery can be confirmed through several approaches, such as the uploading of an image of the product into the app, or a statement of confirmation from subjects.

If a study protocol requires on-site testing or lab work, participants make appointments at a time convenient for them and our app will then send updates and reminders for the appointment.

ObvioHealth has their own proprietary recruitment module that operates in a virtual environment and all participants are recruited via this system.
ObvioHealth has an excellent biostatistical department who can provide the statistical analysis for your study.
ObvioHealth has experienced medical writers who can write the Clinical Study Report for your study.
The Medical Scientific team at ObvioHealth will design and write all study documents including the protocol, informed consent, questionnaires, and any forms needed for your study.

Compliance can be measured in ObvioHealth’s app by the completion of regularly scheduled/daily compliance questionnaires by subjects. The app also allows for regular engagement via the app, which may improve compliance and reduce attrition.

This can include communication with the study team via chat/messenger functions or responses to questionnaires.

Unanswered questions about ObvioHealth and our proprietary app?