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The Digital Trial Solution for Your Digital Therapeutic

Innovative digital therapeutic and diagnostic companies deserve better than antiquated trial methods that deliver slow, suboptimal results at high costs. You need a partner with expertise in decentralized clinical trial methods that integrate with your tech and accelerate your timelines. Meet ObvioHealth and our digital trial solution.

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An ObvioHealth user showing how digital trial solutions can help

You Need a VRO, Not a CRO

ObvioHealth is the world’s first virtual research organization. We combine the clinical excellence of the best CROs with pioneering technology to optimize trials at every stage and touchpoint. Our virtual site and end-to-enddecentralized clinical trial  solution gets you the results you need, faster.

Technology to Deliver Fast, Accurate Data

ObvioHealth streamlines the clinical trial process, conducting decentralized clinical trials from start to finish. Eliminate the need for site visits (or drastically reduce them) and go virtual for better, faster data.

Accelerated Recruitment

We use digital advertising best practices to reach any demographic, allowing us to fill enrollment funnels faster. Because our prescreening is fully digital, onboarding is fast and easy.

Seamless Device Integration

Our software integrates seamlessly with yours—whether it’s an app-to-app or an EDC integration. This makes data collection easy and fast for sponsors and participants.

Data Collection the Digital Way

Our clinical trial data collection is easier for participants. The combination of user-friendly ePRO and device integration means less data loss, greater accuracy, and fewer participant drop-outs than with other systems.

Automated Data Analysis

Our system is built to process data as it comes in. With automatic data cleaning, auto-edit checks, and advanced query resolutions as the data enters the platform, there’s less need for data cleaning at the end of the study. Our average time between LPO and database lock is 7 to 10 business days.

Easy UX with the ObvioHealth App and Platform

We conduct usability testing to ensure our app is easy for participants. An easy user experience lowers the burden on participants’ time and maintains their engagement, resulting in better data that helps you reach your trial goals.

Easy eConsent

Easy-to-read eConsent documents with e-signature capabilities are combined with live support if participants have questions.

On-Demand Training

Explainer videos and pamphlets can be accessed by participants at any time during the trial.

Intuitive ePRO

Participants can report symptoms in real time with the click of a button. Our ePRO modules are also designed to be adaptive to screen size, preserving the integrity of questionnaires no matter the device.

Push Notifications

Automatic reminders notify participants when there’s a study task they need to accomplish.

A Virtual Team to Ensure Retention, Compliance, and Safety

Participant engagement is key to the success of any study. When participants are confused or feel burdened with administrative tasks, their engagement suffers—and so does your data.

The Clinical Oversight and Coordination Hub (COACH) team leverages their deep clinical knowledge and our intuitive platform to actively engage study participants throughout the duration of a trial. The result is a
patient-centric clinical trial with higher retention, compliance, and adherence rates versus a traditional CRO.

Deep Clinical Operations Experience

At ObvioHealth, we believe experience is key. We've developed and validated 250 ePRO/PRO solutions across various therapeutic areas, leading to successful outcomes and endpoints.

Client Roster

Since the start, 7 of our 21 clients have given us repeat business—the greatest proof of satisfaction.

40+ Studies in 28 Countries

ObvioHealth is truly a global organization. We have conducted trials in 28 countries across 5 continents.

17 Therapeutic Areas

Over the past 5 years, we have worked across 17 therapeutic areas, enabling us to gain powerful insights into how to adapt decentralized trials to specific protocols.

Cardiology therapeutic icon. Dermatology therapeutic icon.GI therapeutic icon. Men's Health therapeutic icon. Mental Health therapeutic icon. Nutrition therapeutic icon.Oncology therapeutic icon.Pediatrics therapeutic icon.Sleep therapeutic icon.Virology therapeutic icon. Women's Health therapeutic icon.

Renovia Case Study

The Benefits of Using ObvioHealth for Study Design and Management

Participants in 14 weeks

Lower Costs



ePRO Compliance

An example of Renovia working with ObvioHealth on digital trial solutions. and older decentralized clinical trial subjects

The First Fully Virtual Clinical Trial in Urogynecology

Renovia is a digital therapeutics company that develops devices for women with pelvic floor disorders.

The Problem
Renovia Inc.'s plans for a 15-site traditional study of their device for urinary incontinence were derailed when COVID-19 hit. Renovia turned to ObvioHealth to design and manage a fully virtual, decentralized, randomized controlled clinical trial.

The Solution

The Results
The study delivered statistically significant results for participants who used Renovia’s device. The fully virtual study design was effective, even for a population of older adults. Read more on digital clinical trials.

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