Decentralized Clinical Trials Deliver Better Real World Data

DCTs use remote patient monitoring to create safer and easier experience for participants. The result is better real-word data.

Two side-by-side pain-related next gen ePRO questionnaires. One is a sliding scale for pain severity, the other asks the user to point to a graphic of a human body to denote where they are experiencing pain.
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Higher compliance and retention rates are translating to better data for our clients.

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DTRA Founding Member

As a founding member of DTRA, ObvioHealth is committed to driving the future of decentralized clinical trials in the industry.

Our Client Roster

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Our Formula for Success

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No Geographic Boundaries + Targeted Digital Advertising = Accelerated Recruitment

  • We recruit untapped and under-represented participant populations via targeted social media, qualifying high potential subjects that would otherwise be ignored
  • Without site visits, it doesn’t matter if subjects live close to a clinic. Decentralized trials remove geographic barriers to recruitment and accelerates the process.

Convenience = Compliance

  • We make it easy for participants to  record their experiences and report their symptoms
  • Real time measurement at the push of a button reduces recall bias and provides study sponsors with more accurate data on real and perceived efficacy.

Engagement Drives Retention

  • Push notifications are sent directly to participants’ smartphones to remind them to comply with the study.
  • Access to the study team through text messaging and virtual chats keeps participants engaged and accelerates time to completion.
Monitor 20+ vital signs remotely

Implement virtual components in your next DCT.

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Real-time Reporting with Live Dashboards

Obviohealth’s dashboards deliver real-time data reporting and monitoring so that you can track recruitment, enrollment and compliance stats and monitor study progress at all times. When speed to market is at a premium, getting faster access can make all the difference.

An example of what a customized study dashboard may look like for an ObvioHealth client (on tablet).

Therapeutic Areas

ObvioHealth has conducted 42 studies in 28 countries with more than 25,000 participants. Click through the therapeutic areas below to see some of our case studies.

Virtual Trial Journey

A Seamless End-to-End Experience

ObvioHealth studies are run on our purpose-built platform by our own in-house virtual team. This allows us to work seamlessly from protocol design all the way through to analysis and reporting.

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We are finishing our second study with ObvioHealth. It’s easy for me to pick up the phone … if there is a problem, I know that I have a partner. We will look together for solutions or different ways to get things done. I was particularly pleased with the proactivity from ObvioHealth's side. The project manager... was always thinking about solutions. I felt that ObvioHealth was building a relationship. They were not just saying I was a valuable client, they were acting upon it.

- Elizabeth Tarshish, LycoRed

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The team was very professional. We were looking for something very specific and they had the skills to go straight to it. They got to a finished product quite fast. I also appreciated their ability to flex. When we said don’t go in that direction they listened, stopped and changed. I also liked that they were able to bring in a regulatory partner – that they had access to a broader team. They brought different skill sets together.

- Principle Nutrition Scientist, Nutrition Company

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You and your company have been outstanding in your responsiveness and professionalism and flexibility – even virtually!

- Wayne Jonas, Executive Director

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