The New Normal

How to apply the new FDA guidance to keep your studies moving forward.

ObvioHealth’s digital app allows subjects to participate in trials without leaving their homes. 

Our team of clinical operations experts have extensive experience in designing virtual protocols from recruitment through reporting across 14 therapeutic areas.

We invite you to a 30-minute free consultation to help you determine whether you can amend an existing protocol. Or, if you’re considering launching a new study, we can discuss how to go virtual.


ObvioHealth’s custom built algorithm recruits untapped participant populations via targeted social media, qualifying high potential subjects that would otherwise be ignored. When these people are given the option of participating from the comfort of their homes, research studies are much more attractive, resulting in faster recruitment.


Correct measurement of product efficacy can be challenging and misleading. Research needs to go beyond collection of physiological data to incorporate feelings and perceptions. Our digital application and validated questionnaires:

  • Make it easy for participants to tell us what they are feeling, where and when
  • Encourage questionnaire completion with user-friendly interfaces to record events with visual scales to pinpoint discomfort and/or indicate intensity
  • Enable real-time measurement at the push of a button, reducing recall bias and providing study sponsors with more accurate data on real and perceived efficacy


The app sends push notifications directly to participants’ smartphones to remind them to comply with the study. Access to the study team through text messaging and virtual chats keeps participants engaged and accelerates time to completion.

ObvioHealth - The virtual and safe way to better data.

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