What We Do

Digital Recruitment

Custom-built algorithm recruits untapped participant populations anywhere in the world via social media, qualifying high potential subjects that would otherwise be left out of research programs.

Participant Registries

Ongoing maintenance of participant databases with regular outreach to share progress, educate on findings and motivate involvement in future trials.

Siteless and/or Hybrid Trials

Virtual end-to-end studies or site coordination for seamless integration of clinical visits.

Insight and Analysis

Integration of real world clinical trial findings with other large data sets to provide richer insight for discovery and treatment decisions.

ObvioHealth’s Platform Overview​

ObvioHealth’s proprietary application conducts research studies virtually.

This decentralized model means participants partake using their smartphones, while sponsors benefit from best-practices in recruitment, study design, and data management.

Application features include: 

  • Seamless integration with other devices such as smart watches for 24/7 data collection

  • Electronic informed consent with fingertip signing

  • Automatic randomization

  • Chat functions for easy interaction between the study team and subjects

  • Push notifications for increased protocol compliance

How it Works

Watch the videos below to see how our application works at various steps throughout the clinical trial process. These videos represent what participants see on their smartphones as they participate in a trial.

Questions about how our proprietary application works?